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The most important vitamins for weight gain

 The ideal body weight is the weight that is proportional to the height of the person and his external shape, as many people suffer from the problem of losing weight, and they constantly try to reach it in one way or another, and it is mentioned that there are two problems that cause not to obtain an ideal weight, namely excessive thinness and obesity And these two problems are considered health problems in addition to they affect the external appearance of a person, and during this article we will learn about methods of treating thinness to reach the ideal weight.

The most important vitamins for weight gain:

There is a large group of vitamins that are very necessary and important for the body and lead to weight gain, and among the best of these vitamins are what we will talk about in the following:

Vitamin A :

It is considered vitamin A among the vitamins responsible for the growth process and the balance of the body, and vitamin A is considered one of the most important vitamins that help open the appetite for food, and the lack of this type of vitamins helps in the process of weakening the appetite, so the normal level that the body needs from this vitamin must be maintained. To avoid loss of appetite, and thus weight loss, vitamin A can be obtained by eating foods rich in it, the most important of which are red fruits and vegetables, and leafy vegetables. Dairy products, liver and eggs.

Vitamin B12:

Where vitamin B12 is considered one of the best vitamins that help maintain the health and integrity of the body, and the deficiency of this vitamin causes major health problems in people who suffer from its deficiency, and among the most prominent symptoms of this vitamin deficiency is constant forgetfulness, extreme fatigue, as well as fatigue, sleepiness, and excessive thinness. And, to maintain the normal proportion of it in the body, it works to achieve an ideal weight. It is noteworthy that vitamin B12 is closely related to weight gain, as this vitamin is used to achieve this goal, by injecting it into the body in quantities that fit the level of thinness that a person suffers from, and the use of this method has spread in the United States of America, with the aim of obtaining a rapid increase In weight, and you must maintain eating healthy foods and a balanced diet, to obtain all the nutrients important to the safety and health of the body, in order to avoid the problem of excess thinness, as the balance of nutrients in the body works to achieve the ideal weight without health problems.

Foods that lead to weight gain:

  • Food rich in amino acids, such as, canned fish of various kinds, and tuna, salmon and sardines, in addition to nuts of various kinds.

  •  Food containing high levels of protein, such as meat, fish and grains, in addition to its availability in pharmacies, and in this case it can be eaten by adding it to milk, milk, or juice, dried fruits, such as: figs, apricots, raisins, and dates .

  •  Food rich in calories, such as: black honey, halva, peanut butter, fenugreek, nuts, yogurt, eggs, and whole milk. Food containing high carbohydrates, such as: pasta, rice, and potatoes. Some fresh fruits, such as avocados, bananas and others, and all kinds of salads with the addition of tahini and olive oil.

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