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The best vitamin pills for hair, skin and nails

 Vitamins are organic compounds, as the human body cannot manufacture them or manufacture them in quantities insufficient to meet the body's need, which are thirteen vitamins, and they differ in the quantities that the body needs from each vitamin, and each vitamin has a specific function that it performs within the human body. It should be noted that the sources of vitamins are varied, but food is the best source of vitamins, but some people may resort to using nutritional supplements, and on the other hand, the lack of vitamins in the diet may cause many side effects in the body, but eating foods Rich in these vitamins, they may help eliminate or reduce these symptoms.

 Best vitamin pills for hair:

Where hair needs a lot of nutrients like any other organ in the body, and healthy-looking hair is an indication of health or beauty, and hair loss is often associated with a deficiency in a nutrient in the body, and the loss may be due to genetic or hormonal causes. Or even the age stage, and the following are the most important vitamins necessary for healthy hair:

Vitamin A:

Where vitamin A is necessary for the growth of body tissues, including hair, as this vitamin helps stimulate the skin glands to secrete a fatty substance called sebum that moisturizes the scalp and thus helps to maintain the health of the hair, and a lack of vitamin A or even an increase in the dose of it may cause Hair loss.

 B vitamins:

 Biotin is the most important of them. Studies have shown that biotin deficiency is linked to hair loss. B vitamins also help produce red blood cells that transport oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles. This process is also essential for hair growth.

 vitamin C:

 Where vitamin C is one of the powerful antioxidants; As it helps protect against oxidative stress caused by free radical particles, as the damage caused by these molecules can cause hair growth to stop. In addition, the body needs vitamin C to form a protein known as collagen, which is an important part of the hair’s structure, as well. Vitamin C helps absorb the iron mineral essential for hair growth.

 Vitamin D:

Whereas, lack of vitamin D levels in the body leads to alopecia, which is associated with hair loss, and research has also shown that vitamin D may help produce new follicles in the head. They are the tiny pores on the scalp through which new strands of hair can grow.

 Vitamin E:

As it showed that the results of one study, which included people suffering from hair loss, as people who took vitamin E supplements for 8 months increased their hair growth rates by up to 34.5% compared to the group that was provided with placebo capsules; Which saw an increase in hair growth of only 0.1%.

Best vitamin pills for nails:

Where a deficiency of one of the nutrients in the body can lead to a change in the appearance, texture, or shape of the nails. The most important vitamins responsible for the shape and strength of the nails are:

 B vitamins:

Where the vitamin biotin is one of the vitamins that promote the growth of healthy cells in the body, and it helps in the metabolism of amino acids that are essential for the growth of nails, so it may help to strengthen broken nails and promote their growth, and vitamin B9 or what is known as folate is important for nail growth and maintenance Its health by contributing to the formation of red blood cells and the development of new cells in the body; As its deficiency may cause weak and discolored nails, in addition to that, vitamin B12 helps in iron absorption, and both iron and vitamin B12 are necessary to maintain strong and healthy nails.

 vitamin C:

This vitamin is necessary for the production of collagen, which gives strength and shape to many tissues in the body, and this substance is also a basic building block for nails, hair, and teeth, and it is worth noting that a deficiency of this vitamin can lead to slow growth of nails and their weakness.

Best Vitamin Pills For Skin:

Taking care of the skin must be an essential part of the health system as it is the largest organ in the body, and for this it must be ensured that the body’s need of vitamins is obtained. This is to reduce skin problems that lie in the appearance of dark spots, excessive dryness, and wrinkles. Important vitamins for the skin are often available in care products in the form of nutritional supplements, and the most important of these vitamins are:

Vitamin K:

 Many topical creams for the skin may contain vitamin K, which doctors use on patients so that the skin has a better healing process. Where vitamin K is not considered necessary for the blood clotting process, which may help the body to heal wounds, bruises, and the effects of surgical procedures, and in addition, vitamin K contributes to the alleviation of skin problems such as; Stretch marks, dark spots, scars, spider veins that appear on the skin, and dark circles around the eyes.

 Vitamin D:

Where vitamin D is often synthesized through the skin's absorption of sunlight, where cholesterol in the body is converted into vitamin D, then it is transported to the liver and kidneys, and then it is transported throughout the body to help the formation of healthy cells Including the skin cells, vitamin D also plays an important role in determining the color of the skin, in addition to it may contribute to the treatment of psoriasis.

vitamin C:

 Whereas, it has been found that the outer and inner layers of the skin contain high levels of vitamin C, which is considered a major component in anti-aging products. This is because it helps produce collagen. Which reduces the appearance of signs of aging, wrinkles, and helps to heal damaged skin cells, in addition to that vitamin C helps to treat the skin and prevent its dryness, and taking this vitamin through the mouth may enhance the effectiveness of products that protect against harmful UV rays resulting from exposure. To the sun's rays.

 Vitamin E:

Where vitamin E helps protect the skin from sun damage, it also contributes to reducing wrinkles and reducing the appearance of dark spots, and it is worth noting that vitamin E is produced in the body naturally through sebum, and the use of vitamin E may help to compensate The lack of this fatty substance, in addition to that, this vitamin also contributes to relieving skin infections.