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Sources of selenium for the body

 The human body depends on selenium as it is an important mineral that helps in many basic functions and vital processes in the human body, and the amount of selenium present in different foods varies according to the amount of selenium in the soil in which the food was grown, and there are some factors that affect selenium levels. In soils such as rain, evaporation and agricultural pesticides, this is what makes selenium deficiency common in some specific areas of the world ،Selenium is found in many different foods, and the amount of selenium varies with the type of food. Foods that contain selenium include:

Sources of selenium for the body:

Brazil nuts:

It is considered one of the best sources of selenium, each 28 grams of nuts (about 6-8 nuts) contains 544 micrograms of selenium, and be sure to eat only one serving of Brazil nuts several times a week in order to avoid selenium toxicity.


Tuna also contains about 92 micrograms of selenium per 100 grams of it, and this makes it a great source of selenium, followed by sardines, oysters, shrimp and salmon, which contain amounts ranging from 40 to 65 micrograms of selenium.

 Foods fortified with selenium:

As some products on the market, including pasta, whole wheat bread and whole grains, are fortified with selenium and other minerals, and the amount of selenium varies between one product and the other, but usually it reaches 40 micrograms per one cup of any Of these products, while it's about 16 micrograms per two slices of wholegrain bread.


Beef steak provides you with about 33 micrograms of selenium per serving, and selenium is found in beef liver and has a quantity of about 28 micrograms per serving, while ground beef contains 18 micrograms per serving.

Turkey meat:

Each 100 grams of turkey contains 31 micrograms of selenium, so you can eat a slice of turkey meat with whole wheat bread to get the selenium you need through your diet.


As it contains a good amount of selenium, every 100 grams of chicken meat contains 22-25 micrograms of selenium, and adding chicken to your diet will help you get what you need from selenium for your body.


One boiled egg provides about 20 micrograms of selenium, and if you do not like to eat boiled eggs, you can eat eggs the way you prefer, as you will also get selenium.

 Brown rice:

As rice contains many nutrients, including selenium, each cup of brown rice gives you 19 micrograms of selenium, and you can eat brown rice along with chicken or turkey, as this ensures that you get the recommended daily amount of selenium. For an adult.

sunflower seeds:

Sunflower seeds are a great snack, and they also provide about 19 micrograms of selenium per quarter of a mug. If you do not like to eat animal products, you can try sunflower seeds and rely on them for selenium.


Kho is rich in many beneficial nutrients for the body, including vitamin D, iron and selenium. Each "100 gram" serving of mushrooms provides about 12 micrograms of selenium.