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The most important vitamin for fattening children

 All mothers wish that their children be in good health for their children, and many of them think about the ways in which they gain weight for their children, especially in the first and second year of their lives, when their appetite for food is low, but what mothers do not know is that the external shape is not a measure of weight, but the scale The good is the child growth chart, which indicates the mother whether her child is within the normal range of growth or not, and below we will show the normal values ​​of the children's weight, along with some vitamins that increase their weight.

The thinnest children:

As the problem of thinness is one of the problems that a large number of children suffer from, and this problem occurs as a result of many reasons, such as: malnutrition, excessive movement, or anemia, as parents resort to methods that increase the child's weight; Because this is important for his growth in the right way, and one of these ways is to provide him with vitamins, and in this article we will learn about the most important vitamin for fattening the child.

The most important vitamin for fattening babies:

Where vitamin B12 is considered one of the important vitamins that greatly maintain the health and safety of the body, and it is one of the vitamins very important for weight gain, and doctors may prescribe it to treat problems and diseases of malnutrition in order to increase their weight naturally, and without any damage or complications, as the deficiency This vitamin causes thinness, rapid weight loss, as well as drowsiness and lethargy, and in general it is recommended to obtain these from natural sources such as vegetables.

Food supplement for fattening babies zinc:

Where it is considered one of the most important elements responsible for the growth of the body, its height, and the growth of its muscles, and taking zinc pills leads to the opening of the appetite, and the increase in the desire to eat; Because it benefits people who suffer from thinness as a result of loss of appetite, without resorting to drugs and treatments that open the appetite for a temporary period, and may cause some side effects, and zinc can be obtained through eating milk products, fish, and nuts.


It addresses the problem of thinness, as it increases weight indirectly, and helps the body produce energy, which increases the body's ability to build muscles and strengthen nerves. Iron: It is considered one of the important elements of the body, which is difficult to dispense with, and its deficiency in the body causes many problems and serious complications, including the problem of anemia.

Cod liver oil vitamin:

Cod liver oil or fish oil is the best vitamin that can be given to children. This is because of the organic materials it contains that the child needs for his growth, and for its great role in strengthening the child's immunity, as this oil provides many vitamins to the child; The most important of them are vitamins A and D, in addition to the large amount of omega-3 in it. This oil is mainly prescribed for those who suffer from rickets. This is because it contains a large amount of vitamin D, which greatly absorbs calcium in the bones and teeth. The vitamins in cod liver oil reduce bronchial asthma, treat skin eczema, reduce the incidence of childhood diabetes, and have a major role in improving hair and skin health, in addition to their ability to raise cognitive performance and strengthen memory.

Vitamin C:

 Also known as ascorbic acid, it is important to promote the growth and maturity of the child, it repairs red blood cells, bones and tissues, and maintains the child's gums in good condition, and opens the children's appetite for food, thus increasing their weight, and this vitamin enhances the absorption of iron from foods that contain iron, and there are many Of the foods that contain a percentage of this vitamin, including: citrus fruits of all kinds, kiwis, tomatoes, broccoli and many others.

 Vitamin F:

This vitamin contains the important components for cell development and growth. Such as: saturated fats and other components, and this vitamin restructures the child's bones, prevents the weakness of his body, helps his rapid growth and opens his appetite for food, and is present in most seafood and fruits as well. Vitamin K: It is an important vitamin for bone growth and prevention of erosion, as many studies have proven its importance in promoting the growth of the child's body well, as the mother must give her child the foods it contains to preserve his bones.

 Vitamin E:

 This vitamin reduces free radicals in the body. They are harmful bodies that cause poisoning and cell damage, and therefore giving it to the child maintains his good health.

 Vitamin B complex:

Vitamin B complex is a group of B vitamins, which are the most important vitamins for a child's health. As it has many functions in the body, and its deficiency causes many problems, especially vitamin B12, whose deficiency causes problems in bones, hair and skin, and therefore the mother must give the child a nutritional supplement with these vitamins.