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Causes and prevention of oral and tongue fungi:

 Oral and tongue fungi are one of the most common types of infectious diseases. These fungi are produced as a result of an imbalance between the beneficial bacteria and the fungi naturally present in the mouth, "Candida", due to some factors that weaken the beneficial bacteria, which causes the fungi to overwhelm them, and cause irritation and sensitivity around the mouth and in the tongue.

Causes of oral and tongue fungi:

  • It occurs due to many diseases such as diabetes, cancer, anemia, and infections in the stomach and digestive system.
  •  Eating too much sweets and not cleaning the mouth and teeth afterward.
  • Take some antibiotics and birth control pills, in addition to chemotherapy and steroid medicines used to treat seizures by mouth and inhalation. Immunodeficiency of the patient’s body, malnutrition.
  •  Pregnancy is a factor that helps its emergence.
  •  Deficiency of iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 leads to their appearance. An infected infant may pass it to its mother during breast-feeding.

Symptoms of oral and tongue fungi:

  1.  Loss of the affected person's sense of taste.
  2.  Feeling of a small burning sensation in the throat and mouth. The appearance of white spots on the tongue.
  3. The accumulation of yellowish-colored layers in the mouth.

Oral and tongue fungus treatment:

  •  Clean the mouth and tongue on a daily basis.
  •  Rub a little honey on the fungal area several times a day. Using toothpicks once a day to clean the teeth and mouth.
  • Mouth rinse with a mixture of cloves and boiled water twice a day. Use vinegar rinsing to restore balance to the acidic media in the mouth.
  • Drink a cup of decoction of sage twice a day.
  • Rub the mouth and tongue with sesame tahini twice a day, morning and evening. Sour milk drink; As it helps get rid of fungi.
  •  Drinking boiled al-senamaki at a rate of one cup twice a day in the morning and the other in the evening, as it is considered a vital treatment for fungi.

Cases of oral and tongue fungus:

  1. Moderate cases: where these cases do not need a long time to heal, as the healing process can be speeded up and the infection period controlled by eating foods that restore balance in the mouth.
  2. Severe and acute cases: These cases need a longer time, and fungi can be treated by taking anti-fungi such as (Mycosatin), which consists of an effective substance in eliminating oral fungi.