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The best benefits of vitamin D for oily skin

Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble steroids that help absorb calcium and phosphate in the intestine, and the main source of vitamin D is sunlight, as the sun enhances the body's supply of an adequate amount of vitamin D, and exposure to radiation Sun, in adequate amounts, eliminates the need for vitamin D supplements.

Vitamin D Skin Benefits:

Treatment of Psoriasis:

 Where vitamin D cream, or dietary supplements containing vitamin D, is used in the treatment of various symptoms of psoriasis, such as itching, through the topical application of the cream to the skin, or by taking nutritional supplements.

Treating burns and injuries:

Vitamin D contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties that enhance its ability to treat burns, and treat skin damage, stretch marks, and delay premature aging of the skin. Vitamin D contains antioxidants beneficial to the skin, so that it maintains youthful skin. By taking vitamin D supplements, and making sure to follow a diet rich in vitamin D.

Eczema treatment:

Where vitamin D helps to treat eczema that affects the skin, and treat acne, as acne appears due to the overactivity of bacteria, and when vitamin D is used topically, it reduces these symptoms, because it is characterized by its anti-inflammatory properties, so take supplements Vitamin D is an alternative treatment for infections that cause acne, as exposure to sunlight for long periods is not a solution to treat acne, because exposure to sunlight without sunblock puts the skin at risk of developing cancer.

Vitamin D sources:

There are three ways to obtain vitamin D, and they are:

  1. Exposure to adequate amounts of sunlight.
  2. Dietary supplement that boosts the presence of vitamin D in the body.
  3. Foods rich in vitamin D, such as low-fat milk, soy milk, eggs, Swiss cheese, salmon and tuna, and cereals.

The importance of vitamin D for oily skin:

Where vitamin "D" has many aesthetic benefits, and it is useful for hair by making it stronger and more vibrant, in addition to the benefits it provides to the skin, especially for oily skin, as it maintains and increases its freshness and vitality, protects it from the appearance of wrinkles and early signs of aging, and makes Its texture is smoother, and it purifies it from impurities, and it is also necessary to maintain the health of oily skin and make it brighter, and when it helps the body to absorb other vitamins, it nourishes the oily skin and supplies it with these vitamins, and fights depression; What protects and maintains the skin, depression is the number 1 enemy for the beauty of the skin and its various problems.