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A person must learn to be brave by himself and himself, and thus that his strength stems from himself, not when he is with a group of people or friends, and not to make them feel that the courage he possesses is the cause of it, and true courage is the courage inside him that makes him feel confident in himself and his strength without taking refuge Behind someone else.

How to gain courage:

Try again:

Whereas, not being afraid of repeating the attempt over and over again, as all the great and brave people tried a lot and failed several times until they reached the way they are today, so these people should be a role model in not worrying about repeating the attempt at failure even if the matter cost dozens of times.

 Fear is a cause of failure:

Where fear is often a major cause of failure, and not trying to give oneself the opportunity to try something, or not to overcome fears by delving into them, you will prevent the opportunity to know if an action will succeed or fail in a work experience.

Doing Comfortable Things:

 Learn how to foster courage and overcome fears about something by gradually confronting it. For example: overcoming social fears of mixing with people and engaging with them, by starting to mix with them little by little, and starting by asking one of them first about the way, then asking two and engaging with them in a conversation and so on until that fear is completely overcome and success in controlling it.

Knowing the concerns:

Where a person must acknowledge his fears in order to be able to get rid of them, and talk about them because of the positive effect that brings comfort to the soul, just like the feeling that a person experiences when he represses something inside him, and does not get rid of it except by revealing it to another person, taking Bearing in mind the need to find an internal solution to that fear and contain it by not thinking about it and feeling indifferent towards it; Because continuing to think about it will exhaust the soul.