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Causes of excessive sleep and lethargy

Sleep problems differ between insomnia and its opposite, which is the great increase in sleep and permanent sleepiness, so if you, dear reader, suffer from excessive sleep and a constant feeling of sleepiness, although it is not completely known what work the brain does during sleep, However, some scientists indicate that the brain organizes and stores information, in addition to that it solves problems. It may be noted that lack of sleep in children may impede adequate development of the body and their immune system. This is based on what the researchers see, and together we will learn about the causes of this phenomenon, which would help you reach a treatment and solution to get rid of this problem.

Disturbances that cause excessive sleep:

Where diseases and disorders that cause lethargy and frequent sleep include a wide range, and below we review some of them.

 Restless leg syndrome:

 It is a disorder characterized by bad feelings in the legs and an overwhelming desire to move them, and it may also cause vibrating movements in them every 20 to 30 seconds throughout the night, and sometimes this disorder may affect other parts of the body as well, and the symptoms of this disorder occur when a person is In a state of rest or sleep, and since the symptoms are worse at night, they interfere with continuous sleep and lead to a feeling of daytime sleepiness, and the following treatments for this disorder are:

  • Use iron or vitamin B12 supplements if your doctor finds that they are low and recommends using them.
  •  Talking to the doctor about the possibility of a certain medicine or herb used by the patient worsening the symptoms, including medicines for blood pressure, nausea, cold, allergies, and depression.
  •  Stay away from alcohol, caffeine (boys), and nicotine.
  •  Adhere to a healthy diet and avoid gaining weight.
  •  Exercising regularly.

 Take off your breaths while sleeping:

A condition occurs when the upper part of the respiratory tract descends for at least ten seconds during sleep, and this is repeated hundreds of times every night. This condition is among the people most vulnerable to traffic accidents and many other diseases, including:

 Heart disease, diabetes, and depression, as for treatment, it includes the following:Continuous positive airway pressure; In this treatment, a nasal device is attached to a device that helps keep the airway open.

Depression :

Whereas feeling of constant sadness, anxiety and despair is a symptom of lethargy and excessive sleep, and there are also other psychological and physical symptoms of it; Depression is strongly linked to sleep problems and lethargy. Depression is treated in many ways, the most important of which are drug therapy, psychotherapy, and making changes in lifestyle.