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In order to reach a strong self, success and perseverance, we must have sufficient information about the creativity and strength of the self, which reaches us through reading useful books that help us seriously to improve and develop ourselves on our own, and most of these books must be about diligence to avoid failure, so And in this article we will talk about the best self-development books.

Best self-development books:

 How to win friends and influence people:

Written by Dale Carnegie, who is distinguished as one of the most accomplished writers and experts in human development, the writer reviews how to build successful and unique relationships between people, about the difference between business, money and real friendships, and about how to make friends successfully and quickly, as well as offering many live models and private stories. In developing the mind and developing the personality.

 The power of positive thinking:

This was written by Norman Vincent Bell, and he talked about the power of thinking and its great influence in pushing the individual to achieve success, and it starts from optimistic thinking and moving away from frustration and despair when facing failure, which is a major obstacle to reaching the psychological, health and mental goal, as despair causes the adoption of wrong ideas , And distort your thinking.

Awaken the giant in you:

 Written by Anthony Robbins, the writer adopts the ideas of self-development in two different directions and in different ways, and his first ideas focus on physical and mental experimentation using highly clear applications from a focus on theoretical and behavioral issues, in addition to adopting ideas that call for deep thinking and reflection.

Don't worry about the little things:

Written by Richard Carlson, he talks about how to reach through success, focus on ideas and clear the mind, and about the steps that cause success.

World's Best Sales Man:

 It was written by OJ Mandino, in which he talked about arranging ideas again, learning correct thinking, and also symbolizing how you learn to buy your accomplishments in a successful way, and your personal success.

The Seven Habits of People:

It is considered the most effective written by Stephen Covey, in which he talked about the ideas that set clear lines in the development of ways of life, which also depend on the skill of acquiring some distinct and new habits, in addition to talking about a lot of advice, realistic stories, and simple experiences.

A Whole New Mind Why Creative People Will Rule the Future:

Written by Daniel H. Pink, it is considered by human development experts as an excellent tool in restoring the mind completely, as the book talks about the human brain capabilities, its logical and scientific reference, and the present and the future in six stations.

Think Get Rich:

This was written by Napoleon Hill after he went through realistic experiences with forty millionaires in many fields, in order to seek to find a common motive between them that led them to the path of achieving this wealth, as it touched on the psychological aspects, behaviors, and ideas in each of these The characters.