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The most important vitamins for thin hair

 Thick, lustrous hair is one of the signs of health and beauty of hair, so there are many women with frequent hair loss looking for solutions to this problem, and resorting to recipes of herbs, various creams and others, and despite the effectiveness and positive effect of some of them, vitamins are the best solution. Hair loss is the main reason for the lack of important vitamins to preserve it, so we will present in this topic the important vitamins to strengthen hair and prevent it from falling out, which increases its density.

Vitamins for thin hair:

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A helps stimulate hair growth, and protects it from premature graying. It acts as a moisturizer for the scalp, helps protect hair from dryness, and strengthens its roots, which prevents its loss, increases its density, and sources of vitamin A, sweet potatoes, carrots, and liver , Egg yolks, yogurt, spinach, apricots, and mangoes.

Biotin or Vitamin B7

Biotin is considered one of the essential vitamins for hair growth, and it improves the texture and appearance of hair, and has a role in treating weak, damaged and split hair, restoring density and volume to weak and falling hair, and stimulates the production of fatty and amino acids in hair follicles, which speeds up the process of hair growth and smoothing, and from Sources of Vitamin B7 are eggs, yeast, broccoli, berries, bananas, and almonds.

Vitamin C:

Sources of vitamin C include lemons, guavas, tangerines (clementines), strawberries, and tomatoes. It treats premature graying of hair, and it is known that gray hair weakens hair and causes it to fall out, treats dry hair and scalp, and improves the health and appearance of hair if consumed regularly. Vitamin E is one of the sources of vitamin E: almonds, fish, milk, peanuts, spinach, and sunflower oil, and its benefits for hair treat the problems of dry and brittle hair. Works as a conditioner for the hair. Maintains its natural shine, stimulates blood circulation, and maintains the health of the scalp, which protects the hair from falling.

Vitamin B9:

It is known as folic acid and is found in both green vegetables such as: lettuce, spinach, and collard greens, and is also found in broccoli, asparagus, and legumes such as: chickpeas, beans, beans of all kinds, and lentils, in addition to fruits to fruits with a sour taste, such as Orange, papaya, strawberry, raspberries, and grapefruit, also in nuts, okra, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, corn, and squash.

Mixtures for thickening hair:

The watercress mixture, and prepared by adding a tablespoon of yogurt to a bunch of clean watercress leaves, then mixing the ingredients until they have a soft texture, apply the mixture to the hair and scalp, and leave for two hours, then wash the hair well, and repeat this method twice every week Even getting the desired results.