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Damages to a mobile phone to humans

The mobile phone has become a necessary and very important matter in the current food. As it is owned by the maximum majority of people of different ages, and this happens because the mobile phone achieves the ease and speed of communication without the need to meet people and travel large distances, in addition to its importance in emergency situations and the need to request rapid intervention in severed places, and it finds many important and useful applications Which is added to modern phones, which enable its users to enjoy many facilities such as photography, but despite all these benefits, the mobile phone has a lot of harm to its users, which we will mention in this article.

Mobile health damage:

Mobile phone health damages can be divided into the following divisions:

 Causes brain cancer:

 Debate rages about the impact of smartphones and others on brain cancer. Some parties see mobile phone use as a cause of cancer development, while others, such as the Danish Cancer Society and the Norwegian Committee of Experts, believe that the mobile phone does not pose any health risks of this kind, but until now the debate continues in this area without reaching a clear decision.

Affects eye health:

As the constant use of a mobile phone makes the person focus heavily on that small screen with small lines, which leads to increased pressure on the eye, and thus exposes the eye to more complex problems such as computer vision syndrome, which is represented in dry eyes, or difficulty focusing, in addition to weakness Vision.

 Chronic pain:

Studies have shown that using a mobile phone in a fixed position for a period of time leads to problems and pain in the spine, neck, and shoulders, in addition to hand pain and others, and the reason for this is the formation of pressure on these organs; Where the continuous use of the mobile phone to send messages or any other activity that may result in infections in the joints and spine.

 Social damages:

Impact on real interaction:

 Continued use of a mobile phone in an ill-considered way leads to severing relationships and breaking up families. This is because it depends on electronic communication applications and avoids actual and real communication.

 Lack of privacy:

Where the use of a mobile phone to store private and sensitive information and data constitutes a danger to the user in the event that the phone is lost or stolen; This could expose him to theft and misuse of his social media accounts, or theft of his bank account, or others.

Constant disturbance:

As this occurs as a result of the users sticking to their mobile phones continuously, which makes it difficult for them to reject the interruptions that come constantly as e-mail, messages, notifications, or even phone calls, and this leads to the removal of the user from any vital activity that he may perform, or even may His contact with his family has been scattered.