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Causes of red eyes in children and ways to prevent them

The redness of the child's eyes occurs as a result of several reasons that can be avoided through some procedures and precautions with the child, and there are a group of common eye diseases that can affect children, such as secretions and eye infections, the descent of many tears, as well as redness of the eye, which indicates the presence of sensitivity in Eye.

Causes of red eyes in children:

Dust and dirt:

Where it is considered one of the most common causes that lead to redness of the child's eyes, as his eyes are sensitive and do not bear any dust in the air, and animal dander and cigarette smoke are among the things that increase the chances of redness of the eyes, and therefore pets in the house must be kept away from the little child And adults do not smoke where the infant is.

Tear duct obstruction:

It is one of the diseases that affects a young child after birth and during the first months of his life, and occurs to the large secretions of the eye during this period and the lack of maturity of the eye drainage system for tears completely.

Eyelid bump:

If the child has an eyelid bump, which usually appears on the edges of the eyelid, it leads to swelling and redness of the eye, and this bump causes an uncomfortable feeling in the child, and it needs local treatment, and in some cases it gradually disappears without treatment.

Eye injuries:

And if the child's eye collides with anything hard as a result of falling or while learning to stand and walk, and thus eye inflammation, swelling and redness occur, and the entry of any sharp object into the child's eye causes scratching of the cornea and redness of the eye, such as the child's nails and any toys with pointed ends.


This disease affects the eyelids, and it is greasy "as a result of seborrheic dermatitis" or bacterial "and occurs because of a type of bacteria", or because of a defect in the functions of some eye glands, and redness of the eye is one of the most prominent symptoms of this disease, in addition to peeling the skin around the eyelids. And the obstruction of the tear duct leads to swelling and redness of the eye.

Symptoms associated with red eyes:

In addition to redness of the eye, it is possible to notice that the child has an allergy when some symptoms appear, which are:

  1. Eyelid swelling: the area around the eye becomes swollen and swollen significantly.
  2. Eye secretions: Where fungi accumulate in the inner and outer corners of the eye, and some secretions may appear yellow in addition to tears.
  3. Eye itch: The child feels irritation in the eye and tries to scratch it repeatedly due to an eye infection.

Methods of prevention and treatment of red eye:

As it is normal for the red eye to appear in the child during the first weeks after his birth, but in the event that the problem continues, it is necessary to consult the doctor to find the cause and start treatment so that the problem does not worsen, and the treatment is through ointments intended for children according to the doctor’s diagnosis of the child's disease, There are very simple home methods that help reduce and prevent redness of the eye, and they are:

Maintaining eye cleanliness:

 Make sure to keep the eye area clean and wipe it with a clean cloth dampened with lukewarm water, this protects it from bacteria and viruses, and reduces their harmful effects on the eye, as this helps get rid of eye secretions.

Cold water compresses:

As it is considered one of the methods that help in treating swelling and swelling of the eye that leads to redness and irritation, and there are specialized cold compresses to clarify the child's eyes are available in pharmacies, but make sure to treat the child's eyes gently, and if ready-made compresses are not available, then a cold towel with boiled water can be used And sterilizer.

Keeping the child's bedding clean:

 And it is done by washing the covers constantly because if they are not clean, it will transmit bacteria and germs to him when he sleeps on them, and hands must be cleaned and disinfected constantly because your child is always rubbing his eyes through his hands, and therefore any viruses or bacteria will be transmitted to his eye.

Hand hygiene and nail clipping:

And it is considered one of the most dangerous things that can pose a danger to the skin and eyes of the child is his nails, and he can enter it in his eye and cause it scratching and redness, and therefore it should not remain for long, and it is advised to keep any sharp tools from the child, and to avoid buying any toys with pointed ends that form Danger to his health