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Aloe vera benefits for a healthy body

Aloe vera has been known for thousands of years for its primary use in cooking in Central America and Mexico, and moreover, its consumption has spread around the world as a component of a balanced diet, and some consume aloe vera to enhance the health of the body, and it is also available in the form of nutritional supplements in several forms; Such as tablets, liquids and capsules, and in relation to their edible parts; The pulp, stem, and seeds can be consumed, as well as the stems, and aloe vera can be eaten in the form of juice, tea, or jam, and aloe vera contains many benefits for the human body, which we will explain through our article.

The benefits of aloe vera for the human body:

 Aloe vera can provide many health benefits to the body, but its effectiveness is uncertain for all of these benefits, and we mention the following:

Lowering blood sugar levels:

 It was shown that the consumption of a single dose of aloe vera plant by some people with diabetes reduced their blood sugar levels by between 17% and 48%, but there is no evidence yet that continuous consumption for a long time may have this effect, as well. Aloe vera helps reduce fasting blood sugar and insulin levels, and it also improves insulin sensitivity without causing any side effects, but more long-term studies are still needed.


 Reducing the symptoms of familial hypercholesterolemia:

 Whereas, consuming the pulp of the cactus fruit daily for a period of 4 weeks, along with a healthy diet, may reduce levels of total cholesterol and harmful cholesterol in people who suffer from this type of hypercholesterolemia, as a small study from the University of Vienna in 2003 stated that consuming 250 grams of aloe vera Every day for two months, by 8 healthy people and 8 people suffering from familial hypercholesterolemia to a slight degree, it reduced their platelet activity, as well as improved platelet sensitivity and control of blood stopping bleeding, which may be good for the circulatory and vascular system.

Good for metabolic syndrome:

As aloe vera improves blood lipid indicators, according to a preliminary study in which a product containing aloe vera leaves was consumed with a healthy diet for 6 weeks by 68 women suffering from metabolic syndrome, whose age ranged from 20 to 55 years. Overweight or obesity, and it showed the possibility of reducing triglycerides in 42 women over the age of 45 years, in addition to a decrease in the level of harmful cholesterol, especially after 14 days of the study.

Help to fight viral infection:

 Where one of the aloe vera extract of "Opuntia streptacantha" type can help to inhibit the reproduction of viruses, for example, influenza A virus, HIV and herpes simplex virus, and it has been shown that the active inhibitor present in the extract is a protein that is mainly found in the wall of Plants, according to a study conducted at the University of Birmingham in 1996.

Benefits of aloe vera for joints:

Where aloe vera contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as a result of its high content of flavonoids compounds, which belong to the quercetin family, which combat harmful free radicals in the body and reduce inflammation, and it has been shown that aloe vera can help reduce pain resulting from infections, in addition to Promote joint health, protect body cells, and relieve muscle swelling, and it is believed to inhibit toxins in the body and is a natural solution to relieve inflammatory problems.

Aloe vera seeds:

The benefits mentioned previously can be obtained by consuming aloe vera supplements obtained from pharmacies and natural food stores, in addition to the possibility of buying them online, and it must be noted that there is no specific dose for these supplements, and it is also advised to avoid consuming them. By children; This is because there is insufficient information about the safety of their taking it, and in general; A doctor should be consulted before using it. To know the possible side effects that can result from consuming it.

Benefits of aloe vera juice for weight loss:

The spread of many websites and advertisements interested in losing weight, especially those belonging to companies that produce and sell weight loss products, have contributed to spreading misconceptions about the safe and natural method for weight loss, so it is necessary to point out the importance of following the correct practices that support weight loss. , And maintains its stability; Thus promoting the health of the body, and helping to feel better, including; Eating healthy, exercising, and being motivated, in addition to making sure to stay healthy.