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What are the causes of body swelling

Some people suffer from sudden swelling in different areas of the body, with no increase in eating fatty or fatty foods; This phenomenon is known as fluid retention in the body, and the cells and blood vessels balance between the amount of fluids entering the body and what comes out of it, but the body may be affected by some imbalances that lead to an imbalance in the quantities of fluids that leave the body through sweat and urination compared to the amount of fluids that enter To the body through the mouth, these extra fluids collect in the body tissues, forming visible swellings.

Causes of body swelling:

 There are many reasons that lead to swelling of the body, including:


As the body produces many hormones during pregnancy that help to protect it, and among these hormones what affects the amounts of fluids in the body. Where it secretes excess quantities of fluid to lubricate the body parts in order to allow it to expand comfortably and safely, and swelling often appears in the hands, feet, ankles and legs, but the normal swelling should not be confused with the bloating caused by preeclampsia.

 Near arrival of the menstrual cycle in women:

As some women suffer from the accumulation of fluids in their body near the arrival of their menstrual period, and eat a lot of salty foods that contain sodium in abundance As sodium traps fluids inside cells and blood vessels.

Take some types of medications, such as:

 Diabetes medication and blood pressure medication; It causes the accumulation of fluids in the body, the incidence of some serious diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver, which causes the accumulation of fluids in the abdominal cavity and in the legs, and kidney diseases also cause the collection of fluids in the legs and around the eyes.

Lack of adequate amounts of protein in the diet:

Where toxins accumulate in the body, which requires it to confine large quantities of water to neutralize these toxins, and increase the secretion of the insulin hormone due to the excessive intake of sugars, and the increased amounts of insulin affect the amounts of sodium, which in turn affects the work of the kidneys, and sensitivity to some foods, where the cause of fluid retention in The body, and in some simple cases, sitting for long periods without moving can be one of the reasons.

Treating swelling and swelling of the body:

There are many effective therapeutic methods in getting rid of swelling and swelling, or at least they may alleviate the symptoms of this swelling and protect the body from its injury, and the most important of these treatment methods are:

  • Drink more water that cleanses the body and cleans it of toxins and properties that cause this swelling, and it is necessary to drink a cup of green tea daily, as it is excellent in treating the problem of flatulence and swollen hands.

  • plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits that help supply the body with the fluids it needs.

  • Regular exercise is able to improve blood circulation and regularize blood pressure levels, which when an imbalance occurs in their rates, may cause swelling and swelling of the body.

Symptoms of a swollen body:

  1. Among the main symptoms of body swelling:
  2.  Swelling in the abdominal area.
  3.  Swollen blood vessels.
  4.  The shape of the skin changes; Where it becomes taut and has a sheen. To diagnose swelling in some parts of the body, you can gently press the swollen area and then leave it. If the trace remains for more than a second or two, this indicates a collection of fluids in the body.