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Ways to deal with stubborn teenager

Adolescence is considered one of the most important and dangerous periods in a person’s normal life, as it is considered a critical period that requires a lot of care and attention. Because it is the transitional period in his life, where we move from childhood to the stage of manhood and adulthood upon which the assignment is based, and adolescence for some may be a stage of tension, anxiety and turmoil, while others find it a normal period of time, which can be passed with more caution and caution, so what is adolescence, and what Are its risks, and how to deal with it to successfully overcome it.

Risks of a rapid growth in a teenager:

Many rapid physical changes occur in adolescence, and the speed of physical growth, or what is known as the developmental flow, entails many risks that may harm the teenager or those around him, and these risks include:

Loss of coordination in an adolescent:

 A stubborn teen makes random, unbalanced movements. As a result of the unusual growth of the extremities of his body, and it is difficult for him to hit the targets he wants, as if his arms are not the ones he is used to.

 Inability to adjust the volume:

This occurs as a result of his inability to control the vocal cords, and his voice became a mixture of children's voice on the one hand and the voice of men on the other hand, and the tone of his voice combines thin and thick, and this may expose him to the ridicule of others, and this increases his confusion and the difficulty of passing the stage in him.

 Loss of emotional harmony and the emergence of conflicting and inconsistent feelings:

 Where happiness appears to overwhelm him and his smile fills the place, and once you find pessimism and sadness haunting him, losing hope in life, he needs the helper and rescuer who stands next to him, and all this is a result of the hormonal flow of his body, and the increase in the secretion of endocrine glands in the blood.

 A teenager's sense of vanity:

As his feeling of the power that he possesses prompted him to feel that he is stronger than those around him; Stronger than mom, dad and teacher, and this has its dangers. As he pushes him to enter into quarrels and clashes in which he thinks he is the strongest and that he is the most victorious and unchallenged, he soon discovers the opposite, and that he overestimates matters, and the emergence of extreme moral and behavioral deviations with his family members. Like anger, stubbornness, bad temper, and the constant quarrel with brothers.

How to deal with a stubborn teen:

 The teenager in the adolescence period faces the most difficult period of time encountered, in which the physical, psychological, behavioral and other changes are many, and if the parents do better with their children at this stage, it will end with the best results, which is an independent personality free of mental illnesses, and if the parents deal with the stage in ignorance; I later became a teenager who was characterized by aggression, stubbornness, and lack of self-reconciliation, and among the tips that help parents to pass this stage successfully include the following:

  • The needs of the teenager must be understood scientifically, and full awareness of the circumstances of this stage and the changes that it is going through, and this is reflected in the support of the teenager and standing by him, and not against him in the behaviors that he makes that may seem strange to others.
  •  Using firmness in dealing, and keeping away from the cruelty that may appear in the words of parents or on the features of their faces.
  •  Adopting the style of dialogue between parents and stubborn teenagers, and avoiding issuing orders and prohibitions; It makes him feel a lack of self-appreciation, an insult and an underestimation of his mental abilities.
  • Reluctance to discuss the teenager when he is angry; Intense emotions make a person lose the ability to make appropriate judgments, or to think in a neutral and balanced manner, and make him unable to receive advice from others. Accompanying and listening to the teenager, stating his importance to parents and that his affairs and interests are in the first place for them, and that their goal is his happiness and comfort.
  •  Adolescent Creation And that is through subjecting him to an experience that will be the difference in his life, and help him to form and refine his personality; Like sending him with a group of young men on a road trip who face the rigors of living, move away from the usual blessing, and make their own decisions.
  • Giving the teenager a degree of privacy at this stage, and making him feel independent; By giving him his expenses on a weekly or monthly basis, or relying on him for some work; As assigning him to buy the needs and requirements of the house.