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 Acne is one of the common skin problems, especially in adolescents, and about 8-10 of teenage boys and girls suffer from acne along with many adults, and the reason behind the emergence of acne is that the skin contains small openings called pores, and these pores contain The sebaceous glands that make up sebum, which is a useful oil for moisturizing the skin and hair, but sometimes the pores are clogged as a result of the secretion of a large amount of sebum, or due to the accumulation of dead skin cells, or because of certain bacteria, and this in turn leads to the emergence of acne.

Home recipes to get rid of acne:

There are many safe home remedies to get rid of acne, including:

 Fish oil recipe:

Where fish oil contains fatty acids called omega-3 that help the body to control skin inflammation caused by acne, and the way is, to use some of the fish oil capsules, and it is done through the fish oil capsule is opened and placed directly on the affected skin. Fish oil capsules by mouth with water, and it is recommended to continue taking fish oil for several months. In order for acne to be controlled, and fish oil capsules should be avoided for those who suffer from allergies to fish, fish oil is suitable for all skin types.

Apple cider vinegar recipe:

Where apple cider vinegar contains light acids that control oil production from the skin, and it contains anti-microbial properties that help protect the skin from bacteria, thus apple cider vinegar helps to get rid of acne, and it is done during preparing a bowl, mixing the ingredients well, and dipping A cotton ball is placed in the solution, and placed on the affected area, and the solution is left on the affected area for 5-7 minutes, and the skin is rinsed with cold water, and the recipe is repeated daily, and the recipe is suitable for all skin types, and a 3: 1 ratio is recommended (apple cider vinegar : Water) for sensitive skin.

Salt water recipe:

Where salt water is considered an anti-microbial agent, and it contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin, so it helps get rid of acne and is prepared through a bowl and put salt and hot water inside it, and stir the mixture well and leave until the water becomes lukewarm, And dip a cotton ball in the mixture. Apply the mixture gently to the affected skin with a cotton ball. Leave the mixture on the skin for 7-10 minutes to dry. Wash the skin with cold water, and it is not recommended to leave the mixture for more than 10 minutes on the skin because it causes it to dry out.

Egg white recipe:

Where egg white contains a high amount of vitamins and proteins that help fight acne, it also helps to restore skin cells, and absorbs excess oil from the skin, where the eggs are opened and the white separates from the yolk. Put the white in a bowl. Beat the whites well, until they become buttery. White is placed on the face for 20 minutes. Wash the face with warm water, dry the face with a soft cloth, and apply a moisturizer suitable for the skin. To prevent it from drying out.

Turmeric recipe:

Where turmeric is considered a good disinfectant since ancient times, as it kills bacteria on the skin and helps treat infections, where prepare a bowl and mix the ingredients well to get a soft paste, and put the paste on the affected skin. Leave the paste on the skin for 15 minutes to dry, and wash the skin with water. The recipe is suitable for all skin types, and honey can be replaced with water if the skin suffers from dryness.

Tips to get rid of acne:

  •   There are some tips that help reduce acne, including: It is recommended to wash the face twice with cold water; Because it helps close skin pores.
  • It is recommended to use steam regularly to clean the face, as this helps open the pores, and makes removing pimples and blackheads easy.
  •  Take care to wash special make-up tools, such as brushes and sponges. To remove all dirt, oils and bacteria from it.
  •  Make sure to drink enough water daily, ranging from 10-12 cups, to flush out impurities from the body.
  •  Take care to avoid touching the face with the hands as much as possible. Because this transfers all dirt and bacteria from the hands to the face, and thus increases the risk of pimples forming.
  •  Take care to follow a diet that contains vitamins A, E, and zinc.
  • Take care not to squeeze or try to squeeze the blisters. Because this leads to the spread of bacteria on the surface of the skin, and thus more acne, and permanent pigmentation in its place.