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What are the causes of bone pain and methods of treatment

 Bone pain is the feeling of pain, discomfort, and discomfort in one or more of the bones of the body, and bone pain is less common than joint pain and muscle pain, and bone pain is characterized by its presence in all conditions of the patient; Whether during movement or rest, and the most vulnerable people to developing bone pain are those in middle and late life, and the causes of bone pain range from fractures and wounds to cancers in the bones, and it is worth noting that pain caused by a wound or fracture in the bone is a clear and clear cause. But if it is caused by widespread cancer, it does not seem clear, and it is worth noting that bone pain negatively affects the quality of life in severe cases.

Causes of bone pain:
 There are a group of health conditions and conditions that cause bone pain, including:
 Injuries and fractures:
  Although human bones are strong and withstand shocks and injuries such as falls and car accidents, they may easily be fractured in certain cases, such as weak bones due to aging and others, and infections as well; Which occurs due to osteoporosis or softening of the bones, and often bone fra
ctures can be easily detected, but sometimes the fractures are very small and difficult to notice.

 Lack of minerals and vitamins:
 As the mother of the lack of minerals and vitamins in the body has a role, because the bones need a lot of vitamins and minerals to ensure that they remain strong and healthy, and osteoporosis may occur, and as a result of a deficiency of calcium and vitamin D, and osteoporosis is the most common bone disease, and often the patient feels With bone pain in the final stages of osteoporosis.

 Cancer cell metastases:
Where cancer begins in a specific area of ​​the body, then spreads and spreads to other parts of the body, as is the case in the transmission of cancer from the breast, lung, thyroid gland, kidneys and prostate to the bones.

Bone cancer:
Where bone cancer arises in the bone itself, and this type is considered rare compared to cancer spread from other areas of the body, examples of which are osteosarcoma and fibrosarcoma, where bone pain appears after the cancer causes shattering and damaging the normal structure of the bones.

An imbalance in the blood supply to the bones:
Where when there is an imbalance in the blood flow of the bones, the bone cells die in a condition called avascular necrosis, and this condition occurs in people with sickle cell disease, and when using steroids, in high doses, as well as in people who drink alcohol in large quantities.

Where bacteria, viruses, or other types of germs may cause infection within the bones, or it may be transmitted from another place in the body to the bones, and this results in osteomyelitis, which leads to the killing of bone cells causing pain in them, and it is worth noting That pulmonary tuberculosis is one of the main causes of bone infection.

Cancer or leukemia:
Where blood cancer is defined as a type of cancer that occurs in the bone marrow, and because the bone marrow is the part responsible for the production of bone cells. Bone pain is associated with the occurrence of leukemia, especially in the legs.

Overuse or use:
Excessive use of bones, or repeated use of them, and sometimes daily use of bones results in certain types of fractures and fractures that require accurate diagnostic methods such as; Hair-like fractures, stress fractures, and very small fractures.

Problems with the parathyroid hormone:
 The cause may be an imbalance in the balance of the parathyroid hormone, the use of bisphosphonates, and consequently the occurrence of bone pain, Paget's disease, which affects the elderly often, and affects the process of reorganizing and rebuilding the bones, where there is an abnormal increase in bone growth, which makes Bones are less strong and more prone to fractures, and in the affected areas; The spine, pelvis, thigh bones, and skull.

Treating bone pain:
Where the treatment of bone pain depends on the main cause that led to the occurrence of this condition, and to control this condition the doctor advises to rest the affected part as much as possible, and the treatment also requires prescribing certain types of drugs, namely:
 pain killers:
As it is considered one of the most common medicines used to relieve bone pain, and it should be noted that it does not treat the main cause that led to the feeling of bone pain, but rather relieve pain, and in fact there are two types of medicines that may be used for this purpose: Over-the-counter ones such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen, or those that require a prescription and that are prescribed in cases where the intensity of pain ranges from moderate to severe; Like morphine.

Where these drugs are prescribed in cases where the infection affects the bones of a person and causes pain in them, and examples of antibiotics that may be used in this case are, ciprofloxacin, clindamycin, and vancomycin,

Nutritional supplements:
Where nutritional supplements are prescribed tons because they help compensate for the lack of minerals in the person's body, especially people who suffer from osteoporosis and who need to restore normal levels of calcium and vitamin D. It should be noted that nutritional supplements may be available in different forms; Including liquid syrup, and pills, including chewable.