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Ways and recipes for women’s beauty care

The beauty of a woman is one of the things that most need her attention, as it gives her self-
confidence, improves her mood, and the beauty of women includes skin care, the most important of which is skin lightening, as well as preserving the beauty of hair, and beauty is not limited to the shape only, but must be accompanied With the beauty of the soul and the enjoyment of certain qualities so that we can say that this girl is beautiful or not, and that the unconfirmed natural beauty of a woman is one of the most attention-grabbing things, and the actual beauty of a woman is achieved, and every girl and lady can preserve her natural beauty using natural recipes and materials available at home, but Before all this, you have to know how to take care of your beauty and we will start with skin care and how to take care of it.

Care for women's beauty:
Face care:
Where the face care is considered one of the important things to preserve the beauty of the skin, as it is recommended to wash the face once in the morning and another in the evening at least, taking care when using cleansing materials that suit the type of skin if it is dry, oily, mixed or normal in addition to not applying pressure on The skin is largely cleaned during the cleaning process so as not to cause irritation to the skin, and it is recommended to remove make-up before bed, as the make-up causes the skin's pores to close, and it is advised to get rid of blackheads by using products designed for this, with the choice of suitable creams to moisturize it. The daily skincare to preserve its beauty through this recipe, which is the yogurt mask, which is useful for yogurt in the process of whitening the skin and can be used by massaging the skin using yogurt directly and leaving it on for several minutes, then washing the skin using lukewarm water, and repeating these steps On a daily basis for several weeks, to get great radiance and vitality.

Make-up and skin care:
 Where taking care and moisturizing the skin is beneficial for both women and men, so advice should be taken to know their own skin type, and women are advised to use suitable lip color and make-up that helps give a good appearance, and for men bronze powder can give freshness and glow, and it is preferred when styling hair Skin care and skin care to take a rest in case of fatigue.

body care :
It is preferred when purchasing cleaning materials to be selected from natural materials; Because many cleaning products contain toxic chemical minerals, and when they are used and exposed to the skin, these minerals are transferred to the cells of the body, and it becomes difficult to get rid of them; Therefore, it is recommended to use natural products and disinfectants.

Nail Care:
It is preferable when caring for nails to take the following things into consideration, namely, to protect the nails by not exposing them to hot or cold water, and to wear gloves when doing housework; In order to protect the nails, wear cotton socks to protect the toenails, trim the nails periodically, and use good nail polish that does not contain acetone. And drink plenty of water and fluids to get soft, healthy nails.

Hand and foot care:
As preserving the hands and feet is one of the important things that must be taken care of, as they must be peeled to remove the dirt stuck in them and this is by mixing salt with an essential oil such as lavender oil, olive oil or coconut oil, and then placed on the hands and feet Leave it for a few minutes, and then wash it using water.

Natural recipes for women's beauty:
Cabbage Recipe:
Where the cabbage recipe is one of the natural recipes that restore freshness and beauty to women's skin, especially oily ones, and this is done by placing each of the following ingredients in an electric mixer, and two sheets of cabbage with a spoonful of fresh cream with a spoonful of honey with a spoonful of olive oil, Then mix it well, then put the resulting mixture on the skin and leave it for 20 minutes only, then wash the face using warm water mixed with lemon juice.

Honey recipe:
So honey preserves the beauty of women, as it moisturizes the skin and gives it wonderful softness and softness as it is useful in whitening the skin and making it fresh and bright, and honey can be used in one of the ways which is to clean the face well, then mix a tablespoon of pure raw honey with a teaspoon of turmeric powder, then Massaging the skin using the resulting mixture and leaving it for 15 minutes, then washing the face using warm water, and the second way is to clean the face and wash it well, then mix two tablespoons of unsweetened yogurt with two tablespoons of honey, then massage the skin using the resulting mixture and leave it for 15 minutes, then Wash with warm water.

Tea tree oil and vitamin E recipe:
The tea tree oil and vitamin E recipe helps give the nails beauty and freshness and stimulates their growth, and this is done by dipping the nails with a mixture consisting of warm tea tree oil and vitamin E, and leaving it on the nails for an entire night.

 Castor oil recipe:
Where castor oil is considered one of the natural recipes that are recommended for the beauty of hair, as it increases its shine and shine, and can be used by heating a quantity of castor oil, then massaging the scalp with it and covering it with a clean towel for 30 minutes, then washing the hair using water.