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The common cold is an infection caused by a virus and contains hundreds of types that affect the respiratory system. Thus, its severity varies according to the type of virus that causes it, and is accompanied by its own symptoms such as high body temperature, pain in the eyes, and others. In this article, we will talk about some of the methods that help treat a cold in an effective and fast manner, as there are many treatment options that achieve quick control of the symptoms that appear on people with a cold.

Methods for treating colds:
 Provide adequate energy to the body:
 By taking enough rest and being absent from work or school, this helps to fight and control viruses that cause infection, sleep for enough hours during the night and take a nap during the day several times per day, because lack of sleep weakens the immune system, thus limiting Its ability to confront the viruses that cause cold infection, and among the advice that is provided in the field of sleep, make sure to use an additional pillow to raise the head, which reduces the pressure created, and thus facilitates the patient's breathing.

Make sure to have plenty of fluids:
It should be noted that the recommendation to drink more fluids came from the scientific basis that liquids help get rid of mucus and relieve congestion, in addition to its role in reducing symptoms of headache and general fatigue that may occur as a result of suffering from dehydration, as for drinks containing gases and caffeine And alcohol, and the patient should refrain from consuming it because it causes an increase in disease symptoms worse by gargling or rinsing with water and salt, because of this matter's role in controlling bloating and reducing the accumulation of mucus, and it is worth noting that the saline solution is prepared for rinsing by adding a quarter to half a teaspoon of salt to a cup From warm water, and repeat this process several times per day.

 Drink hot drinks:
This is in order to control the symptoms of colds such as feeling tired and general fatigue, as well as sore throat. Eating honey, because it has a role in reducing the cough that may accompany the cold, but it is worth noting that giving honey is not allowed in cases where the patient is younger than one year. The first of life, and it is preferable to shower with hot water, because the rising steam helps moisturize the throat and nose, which reduces the symptoms that the patient suffers, including congestion, and this has been shown that warm water helps to relax the muscles.

 Take over-the-counter medications:
It should be noted that these drugs are not given to children under the age of six without consulting a doctor, in addition to the need for the user to pay attention to the instructions attached to the package, and the most important and most common of these medicines can be summarized as follows: It should be noted that paracetamol is found in many medicines intended for the treatment of colds, so it is worthwhile for the user to pay attention to the prepared dose of it in each medicine so that the total daily dose does not exceed 3000 mg.

Use decongestants:
These drugs shrink the blood vessels of the nose, which in turn helps open the air passages, and it is not recommended to use them for a period of more than three days. Expectorants: Also known as expectorants, as these drugs help to dissolve phlegm, and there are anti-allergies, and these drugs work to reduce a runny nose and sneezing.
Factors that increase the risk of getting a cold:
  • Age: It has been shown that children under the age of six years are more likely to catch a cold, especially if they are in childcare known as nurseries.
  • Weakening of the immune system: People who suffer from a weak immune system are more prone to colds than others, and among the factors that weaken the immune system, they have a chronic disease.
  •  The time of year: It was found that people have a cold in the fall and winter more than in the rest of the seasons.
  • Smoking: as smokers are more likely to suffer from a cold, and it has also been found that the severity of the disease is more severe if the person is a smoker.