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Lower back pain, what are its causes, and methods of treatment?

The problem of pain in the lower back region, which is the area of ​​the back extending from the bottom of the rib cage and called the lumbar spine, is a global problem that everyone faces during their lives, and it is considered one of the most common causes that lead to absenteeism from work, and it is worth noting that this type of pain is Severe and difficult most of the time, but it often heals alone, and if it does not cure on its own, appropriate treatment must be taken.

Causes of lower back pain:
Causes of acute non-chronic lower back pain:
 The strain and twisting of muscles or ligaments, and their significant stretching and tearing are among the most important causes of acute non-chronic pain in the lower back, and although they do not cause severe damage or chronic pain, the pain they cause may be very severe, and it is worth noting that the symptoms of muscle fatigue and tear Similar to the symptoms of ligament strain and tearing, and in both cases the treatment is the same, so the distinction between them does not become important, and among the most important causes of stretching and tearing of muscles and ligaments:
  1. Lifting heavy weights, or twisting the spine.
  2.  Carrying sudden objects and movements that cause pressure and stress on the lower back, such as a fall.
  3. Adopting improper postures for long periods of time.
  4. Sports injuries, especially in sports that need to twist the body and others.

Causes of chronic lower back pain:
This classifies the pain as chronic if it exceeds it for a period of three months and exceeds the body's natural ability to heal, and among the most important causes of chronic pain in the lower back are the following:
Existence of a lumbar hernia:
 A hernia occurs in the lumbar spine; Where the gel material present between the vertebrae penetrates the hard outer layer of it, which leads to injury and irritation of the neighboring nerve roots, and because this gel material consists of a large amount of proteins, this may cause infection when it reaches the nerve roots, and the outer environment of this substance is full With nerve fibers; Therefore, the pain that occurs may be the result of inflammation, or as a result of pressure on the nerves, or due to the rupture of the outer shell of the gel material.

 Degenerative disc disease:
Where the cartilage between the vertebrae of the spine or the discs of the spine in a healthy state at birth contains a large amount of water, but in cases of degenerative disc disease, and as the person ages, this water is gradually lost, which causes the loss of the ability of the gel tablets to Endurance and resistance to forces, and also causes the transfer of pressure to the walls of the gel discs, which may cause tearing and weakness, and thus increase the chance of a hernia in the vertebrae.
Inflammation in the joints:
It is also called osteoarthritis, and it causes pain, narrowing of different degrees, inflammation and instability, and inflammation may occur in different degrees in the lower spine, and this problem is associated with advancing age and is characterized by progress and gradual escalation.

 The presence of deformities and defects in the spine:
 Where deformities and defects of the spine are accompanied by pain in the lower back when they cause a herniated disc, facial joints, or iliac sacroiliac joints, or when they cause a narrowing, and from the forms of curvature of the spine, its lateral curvature or so-called scoliosis, and kyphosis.

Trauma or trauma: Examples of such traumas or traumas are acute fractures, and a dislocation of the spine, where medical opinion must be taken to assess the pain that occurs after trauma such as falls or traffic accidents.

Facial joint dysfunction:
 As the facial joints are the joints in the spine to connect the vertebrae together, and each vertebra contains two pairs of these joints, one facing up and the other downward, and these joints also contain cartilaginous material, and are surrounded by a capsular ligament, which contains a lot From nerves; Thus, the pain may occur due to the joints themselves, or when they meet the gel disk.

 Dysfunction of the iliac sacral joints:
The strong and agile iliac joints connect the sacral region at the end of the spine with the sides of the pelvis, with the aim of absorbing shock and effort between the upper center of the body and the lower center, and pain may occur when there is inflammation in it, or when its movement increases or decreases.

 Presence of spinal stenosis:
 Where the pain occurs when there is a narrowing of the spine (due to a narrowing of the spinal canal that contains the nerve roots, and the narrowing may be in several stages and situations.

 Slipped vertebrae:
As it is possible to cause pain in the back in cases of sliding of the vertebrae due to its instability, and there are five types of vertebral sliding, but the most common of them is secondary vertebral sliding resulting from a mechanical defect or a fracture of the facial joints.

Lower back pain treatment:
Among the treatments and procedures that can be performed by the affected person himself:
  1.  Maintain activity and movement.
  2. Use hot and cold compresses.
  3. Relax and stay positive.
  4.  Exercise and stretching exercises for the back.
  5.  Use of sedatives; Such as NSA-IDs, ibuprofen and others.