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How to get a radiant complexion

 Every female in this world strives to keep her skin supple, soft and bright, as beautiful skin is the secret of the attractive look, so every female must take care of her skin, in a way that suits the delicacy of the skin, as the skin needs a set of daily practices to protect it, and also needs A set of natural recipes for its freshness and radiance, and it is better for you, female, to take care of your skin than the smoothness of your nails, the earlier the attention, the longer you will keep your skin fresh, bright and without wrinkles for a longer period.

Natural blends to get clear skin:

Where you can get clear skin by wiping the skin of the face and neck with a little lemon juice and leave it for a quarter of an hour, and then wash the skin and wipe it with rose water.

Turmeric is a disinfectant for the skin, as it helps to lighten the color of the skin, and helps to get rid of marks and scars on the skin, and it can be used by mixing a tablespoon of turmeric with three tablespoons of natural pineapple juice, and placing the mixture on the face until it dries and then it is washed Well with warm water; As this mixture works to get rid of spots on the skin, and it is worth noting that it is preferable to repeat this process twice a week.

 Aspirin helps get rid of pimples quickly, and contributes to getting rid of red spots, and it can be used by grinding and mixing it with a little water, then it is placed on the place of the pimples and left for five minutes, after which the place of the pills is washed with cold water.

Where honey helps moisturize the skin, and moisturizing the skin is one of the most important steps to obtain a pure skin, and it can be used by mixing two tablespoons of liquid milk with one tablespoon of pure honey, and the mixture is placed on the face, and the mixture is left for a period of twenty minutes and then the skin is washed With warm water, this must be repeated once a week.

 Cucumber juice:
Cucumber helps to clear and lighten the skin, and it also helps to increase its smoothness, and it can be used by mixing cucumber juice and lemon juice in equal quantities, distributing the mixture on the skin, and then leaving the mixture until it dries completely, and after that the skin is washed with warm water, and this process is repeated daily to obtain Fast results.

Tea tree oil:
Where tea tree oil is characterized by containing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal substances, so many doctors prescribe it to get rid of skin problems such as acne, and tea tree oil is very useful for the freshness and brightness of the skin.

Foods useful for skin rejuvenation:
He found several foods beneficial for the skin, including fatty fish, apples, red peppers, beets, bananas, spinach, lemons, avocados, oranges, coconut water, tomatoes, carrots, squash, pumpkin seeds, garlic, and strawberries. These foods restore freshness to the skin. Inside the body to the outside of it.

Tips to get clear skin:

  1.  Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits because they contain vitamins beneficial to the health of the skin, and you should eat fish because they contain omega-3 acids, which are important for the freshness of the skin, in addition to low-fat milk; As this helps in increasing the freshness of the skin.
  2. You should get enough sleep every day. The normal sleep rate is eight hours of continuous sleep, as sleep contributes to the increase in the freshness of the skin.
  3.  The face should be cleaned of make-up well before bedtime; Because the accumulation of makeup on the face works to form unwanted pimples and spots.