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The best natural ways to whiten teeth

Teeth whitening is a procedure in which teeth are made to appear whiter, and whitening is performed either through physical processes in which external pigments are removed from the surfaces of the teeth, or through chemical processes, where chemicals interact with the tooth to make it whiter. Many methods that help to whiten teeth, which include whitening toothpastes, and over-the-counter bleaching materials such as whitening gel, whitening lotion, and whitening patches, in addition to the materials in the dentist's office, and the ideal results for whitening are required. Some conditions, including the presence of healthy and healthy gums and teeth, and the absence of fillings in the teeth, and whitening does not remove the outer layer of the tooth or change the shape of the tooth, and it is usually a better option than other alternatives such as ceramic veneers because it does not include a change in the appearance of the teeth.

Home ways to whiten teeth:
Where charcoal helps to whiten teeth because it is considered a material with a highly absorbent porosity in addition to it helps to bind to tannins that stain the teeth, and remove them, and a lot of research has shown that charcoal can be effective in changing the pH and oral health, and killing harmful bacteria that cause With tooth decay and gingivitis, this is done by dipping a wet brush in dried charcoal, or dipping the brush in a paste made of charcoal and water, and rubbing the teeth with charcoal paste for several minutes. Gargle the mouth with water, then remove the remains of charcoal from the mouth, and the process is repeated every day for a week to get good results.

Baking soda:
As baking soda contains natural whitening properties, so it is a common ingredient in the commercial toothpaste industry, because it is considered a mild abrasive that helps clean surface stains on the teeth, in addition to being an alkaline environment that prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth, and a small spoon is mixed. From baking soda with two teaspoons of water, dip the toothbrush with baking soda paste, then scrub the teeth for several minutes, and repeat the process several times a week.

Eat vegetables and fruits:
 As the foods that contain large amounts of vegetables and fruits, and it is considered a good food for the health of the body and the health of the teeth, and raw vegetables and fruits help to remove the plaque layer from the teeth, and strawberries and pineapples specifically help to whiten teeth, including strawberries, where strawberries contain To an acid called malic acid, and this acid is said to help whiten teeth, and celebrities used to use strawberries with baking soda in order to whiten their teeth, but the effect of this mixture is not scientifically proven, and a recent study found that mixing strawberries with baking soda does little From discoloration when compared to other commercial products.

Where the teeth are cleaned with toothpaste and brush well, and after rinsing the mouth of toothpaste, put a pinch of turmeric on the toothbrush and rub the teeth with turmeric for a minute, then clean the mouth of turmeric well with water, and then rub the teeth with toothpaste again And this method helps to get bright and white teeth from the first use.

Where sage helps to whiten the teeth and this is done by grinding some green sage leaves, then adding a teaspoon of salt to it, so that a coherent dough is formed, and the dough is placed in the oven until it has a somewhat solid texture, then grinds until it becomes a fine powder . Scrub the teeth with sage powder well, and this method helps to whiten the teeth and rid them of yellowing, and it also relieves the gums from inflammation.

Tips for keeping teeth white:
  1.  Brushing the teeth well with high-quality toothpaste and brushing three times a day, taking care to clean the teeth after eating meals, as well as rinsing the mouth well with water after drinking drinks that contain dye, and it is best to avoid these drinks as much as possible.
  2.  Quit smoking as it is one of the main causes of yellowing teeth.
  3. Make sure to scrub your teeth using a cotton swab dipped in olive oil or fresh lemon juice, on a daily basis, to keep the teeth shiny white and rid them of yellow.