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Learn about herbs and ways to whiten teeth

Where many people suffer from the problem of yellowing teeth resulting from many reasons, including smoking, or tooth decay, or a lot of soft and caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee, or as a result of a direct injury to the teeth, and other reasons, which affects the beauty of a person's smile And on his external appearance, which increases his feelings of embarrassment and lack of self-confidence, so many resort to dentists to get rid of this problem, bearing in mind that there are many natural herbs that are used to whiten teeth and get rid of the problem of yellowing, and in this article we will talk about Some of these herbs.

Herbs for teeth whitening:
The bulbous herb and sage leaves:
Where an equal amount of sage leaf powder and bulbous herb are mixed, and mixed well, then gently massage the teeth with the powder, without pressing on the gums, and it is recommended to repeat this recipe more than once.
 Rosemary and sage:
Mix equal quantities of dried rosemary powder, dried sage powder, starch, lily root powder, licorice root, and cloves, then apply the mixture on the teeth, and massage them with it.

German iris, parsley, and cloves:
Where the teeth are massaged with the powder consisting of a mixture of these herbs, while avoiding pressure on the gums, and it is advised to repeat this recipe more than once.

Blue lily and lemon peel:
Where a tablespoon of lemon peel is crushed, a tablespoon of salt is added to it, with a quarter cup of baking soda and a tablespoon of powder of the blue lily herb, and the ingredients are mixed well to ensure that they are mixed, then the mixture is kept in an airtight container, and the toothbrush is moistened with water. And put a little mixture on it, then brushing the teeth with it.

Natural methods of whitening teeth:
  •  Use sodium bicarbonate on the teeth with a little lemon juice to form a toothpaste, and the teeth are cleaned twice a day, and after the first use you will notice the difference and with repetition you will get satisfactory results.
  •  Rub the teeth with lemon peels three times a day, after using the toothbrush and toothpaste with the usual daily cleaning.
  • Prepare a mixture consisting of vinegar and coarse salt, and the teeth are cleaned with a cotton ball or brush, taking care not to swallow the mixture, because it contains strong substances that harm the stomach.
  • Rub your teeth with strawberries, or eat them as fresh beans or natural juice. Use banana peels to clean your teeth and rub them well frequently, and you will get a satisfactory result after several days of use.
  •  The use of olive oil, which is one of the effective substances that works to purify and whiten the teeth and cleanse the gums well, and it is used by rubbing the teeth with a piece of cotton moistened with the oil on a daily basis several times during the day.
  •  Use a piece of natural charcoal to scrub the teeth two to three times a day, taking care not to swallow any of it during use.
  •  The use of toothpicks is one of the health things that it is preferable to follow on a daily basis to protect the teeth from decay and the growth of bacteria that affect the whiteness of the teeth and cause the erosion of the outer layer of the teeth.
  • Use the toothpaste that suits you and has double the powers of whitening teeth.

Dental lasers:
As with the advancement of medical science and technology, teeth whitening has become one of the quick and easy cosmetic treatments with amazing and wonderful results within only one laser session and lasts for a long time, but unfortunately it weakens the roots of the tooth and becomes more prone to daily problems and sensitivity from cold water greatly, and that Because during the laser process, the outer layer of the tooth, which protects it from external factors, is disposed of, and through this, the protective enamel layer of the teeth is removed.