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How do I get rid of nose fat

The sebaceous glands on the nose are larger and more active, which leads to the production of more fat on that particular area, and some may consider that this phenomenon is considered a sign of poor personal hygiene, but that is not true, but it is the nature of the skin of the nose; This is because the sebaceous glands protect the skin from the sun and other environmental hazards, and provide lubrication and peeling, sebum production is usually concentrated in the T region, which extends from the forehead, then to the nose, down to the chin, which gives the nose a common site in which the fat collects especially In its corners, and what increases the clay with God, is touching the nose with the hands that transport dirt and fat to it, in addition to increasing the production of fat during puberty; Because of the androgen hormone, these fats can be removed by wiping the nose with clutches, or washing the skin of the nose with a mild detergent, then applying lemon juice, or resorting to other methods.

Medical methods for removing nose fat:
Here are some of the ways your doctor may use to remove fat from your nose:
 Treatment with salicylic acid:
 It is a beta hydroxyl acid that has miraculous exfoliation properties. This acid is also found in washers and products that were manufactured for the purpose of removing blackheads and acne from the skin, in addition to treating the skin that produces many oils and fats. It is recommended to use this acid twice in A week to remove fat from the nose.

Creams or gels:
Where these creams are beneficial in removing fat and blackheads from the nose, and these creams are often without a prescription, however you should consult a doctor for better results.

Which the dermatologist prescribes, when the condition worsens, in addition to creams containing vitamin A, such as: clotrimazole, tretinoin, and tazarotene, all of which are effective creams that the doctor prescribes to remove fat from the nose.

 Laser treatment: which is considered one of the effective ways to remove fat from the nose, so that a dense light beam is passed over the affected area to reduce oil secretion in the skin, in addition to eliminating the bacteria that cause skin infection, and it should be noted that the nasal fat may return again after a procedure Laser.

Home recipes for removing nose fat:
 Baking soda scrub:
As this scrub helps to get rid of excess oils, and baking soda has the advantage of killing bacteria on the nose because it contains anti-bacterial properties and components include a tablespoon of baking soda, water, and is done by mixing the collection together with each other well to get Thick dough, then placed on the affected area and left for a minute, then rinsed with water.

Lemon juice and sugar scrub:
And through a tablespoon or two of sugar, a few drops of lemon juice, a little water, and the sugar is crushed into a fine powder, then water and lemon juice are added to it, mix well with each other, then put the mixture on the nose and gently rub it for a while 3-5 minutes, after that the face is washed with cold water and dried well.

 Ginger and apple cider vinegar:
Ginger is considered a material that is capable of slimming and breaking down fats in all areas of the body, including the nose, equal amounts of grated ginger and apple cider vinegar, a little toothpaste, and the ingredients are mixed well, then the mixture is placed on the nose completely, and left for 15 Minute, then wash the nose with cold water, and make sure not to approach the eye area.

 Lemonade :
Where lemon juice is one of the effective treatments to remove fat from the nose, the citric acid found in the juice works to deep cleanse the skin and pull dirt and oils from the pores of the nose, and this is done by squeezing a lemon pill and extracting juice from them, then the juice is placed on the nose using fingers and making circular movements.

Apple cider vinegar :
As the alpha hydroxy acid present in apple cider vinegar helps to get rid of the dead cell layers, in addition to cleaning the nose from dirt and accumulated oils, and is done through a little apple cider vinegar and water, where the ingredients are mixed well together, then a piece of cotton is immersed in the solution and wipe Nose with it and leave for 10 minutes, then wash with water, and repeat it daily for two weeks to get the best results.