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A superior child is a child with extraordinary qualities and qualities; It is also characterized by being social, adapting to others, and some have defined it as a child's privilege in academic achievement; So that his total score is better than his colleagues, and his achievement increase is noticeable, and his achievement is distinct from others, and others see that excellence is simply the child's ability to excellence and achievement, and some said that excellence is not limited to academic achievement, but also excellence is in a specific skill, or in A set of skills.

Ways to make the child excel:
Adopt modern and different methods so that the child is distinguished and intelligent and his personality is unique, and parents must follow some methods of modern and different education, where the child is allowed to go into life and live in good and bad in it, under the guidance and control and supervision of parents, since most of the parents deal with their children in the built method The son is afraid of his parents because they have authority over him, but this method is never effective, as the parents must be friends with their children, and abandon the method which will cause rebellion among the children at an early age.

Daily education:
Where parents can consolidate what their children learned in school through daily life at home, for example the mother can review math and science for her son while they are in the kitchen such as practical application of issues, with simple scientific questions, or can read many stories for the child to become a reader Well, giving him the opportunity to read it aloud, this would increase the son's superiority.

Make learning fun:
As the child’s mind resembles a sponge, as it receives and stores everything that it watches, feels, smells, tastes and touches, so parents must let the children learn by themselves, so that they will satisfy their curiosity in discovering everything around them, under the supervision of the parents for sure, and in this way the child can deal With what is around him better, and this makes him enjoy an intuitive speed, and thus his confidence will increase, which will positively reflect on his actions in general, and the way he analyzes events will become more logical, and it is also important that the parents make their child see the problems as challenges that must be solved and not Problems you need to worry about.

Giving the son the freedom to choose:
It is true that many parents have ambitions and dreams for what they want their child to be when he grows up, but it will always be better to let the child decide for himself what he wants to have in the future, as the true success of a person lies in doing what he truly loves and having fun in That, and fundamentally, parents want happiness for their child, so they should let him do what he loves and provide the love and support needed for their child to be what he aspires to, and to succeed in what he seeks.

Son Character Development:
 Society and the school have a role in enhancing the child’s personality, but it is not a big role like the role of the family, where the child’s personality is formed in his early years and at the times he spends with his family, and there are some advice that must be followed by parents in order for the child to have a distinct personality, including:

  •  Failure to fulfill all of his requests: some of the requests that the child requests should be rejected even if they are simple, so that he feels the value of the things he owns and appreciates them no matter what.
  •  Saying no when necessary and not stepping back: parents should set special rules for their child and not allow him to override them, as a child who gets used to the constant connotation of parents may exceed his limits and it becomes difficult to control his actions in the future.
  • Praise the child: where the child must be praised when he behaves well, or when he is sincere, for example when the child speaks kindly to others, or stops to help someone in the street must be praised.
  •  Guiding the child: the child must be guided by what needs to be done and what should not be done, by talking to the child about good morals or how to deal with people.

  •  A good example: where the child watches his parents and learns what they do in front of him, so parents must show the morals that they wish to be in their child, such as treating others with respect, and to speak kindly to the cleaner, and to move away from ridicule from others, and many other things.
  •  Teaching his gratitude and thanks to others: It is important for the child to become accustomed to saying thanks to others, to truly feel them towards the gifts or rewards he receives, and to appreciate the blessings in his private, non-material life.
  • Not doing what a child can do: All that a child can do on his own must do it himself, in order to depend on himself and even not become a dependent person.