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The cheerful personality is the character whose owner is distinguished by the cheerful face, the lightness of shadow, and the joy, happiness and joy are solved wherever he is, and leaves a positive impact on the souls of others, unlike some of the characters who are characterized by sadness, despair and misery, so if the fun person arrives in a place filled with tension and filled with problems and charged atmosphere It reduces the severity of the atmosphere with his humor, speech and behavior, and she is a social person with distinction who loves building new relationships with everyone and getting to know new people, entering into discussions with others and sharing their conversation, as she is a flexible person who does not accept adherence to something and does not like obligations, and is characterized as a simple spontaneous person other than Complex, you love the good of all people.

Fun character traits:
Giving laughter a priority:
As the old proverb says, "Life becomes better when you laugh." No one realizes this proverb as cheerful people do it, they take it as a principle of life, and they put laughter as a priority in different situations and circumstances, and studies have proven that smiling and laughing calms the mood, removes tension and relieves stress and exhaustion.

 Self-acceptance and humor are welcome.
 As people who have a sense of humor and cheerful spirit that they are reconciled with themselves and accept their mistakes and open to them, and they have no problem in their humor and banter on themselves and on the actions and attitudes they have done, this is evidence of self-acceptance and self-confidence, and these qualities are considered rare. What you find someone who enjoys it, as it is a key to relaxation and a happy, simple life without complication.

 Reliance on intelligence and quick wit:
Since drawing a smile quickly and spontaneously on the faces of others is very difficult and requires great mental effort and high intelligence, the fun person needs to understand the situation properly, and realize the personality of other people, and choose the appropriate timing and use of soft, non-hurtful words, all of these factors must be taken In consideration before uttering any word until his words reach everyone and accept him with a wide chest, and even he does not turn into words without meaning and does not put himself in embarrassment.

 Taking into account the feelings of others:
As the fun people draw a smile on the feelings of others with humor, humor, lightness of shadow and beautiful spirit, without this humor at the expense of another person and without harming the feelings of others or mentioning a certain characteristic of a person, which can be considered a kind of bullying, as there is a slight difference between Drawing a smile on the faces of others with the positive humor that everyone accepts and laughs, and drawing a smile on the faces of others by bullying and offending, which is unacceptable and rejected by everyone.

 Optimism and positive events.
Since cheerful people are usually more optimistic than others, because they always look at the brighter side of things unlike pessimistic people who look at the negative side of things, and they always expect positive results even if they are difficult to obtain, and they are not affected by the words of negative people They do not pay attention to frustrated speech, and in the event that they suffer a setback and things turn to the negative side, they quickly overlook the matter and start trying again.

The cheerful personality is a humble and spontaneous personality that knows no fabrication and cost, and a fun person helps every needy person and gives him a helping hand, respects people and does not arrogate to them, and people share their joys and comfort them in their sorrows, and receives constructive criticism with all kindness and spaciousness of chest, all these attributes make him a place Distinguished in the hearts of those around him.

 adventure love:
Since the fun person loves adventure more than others, loves to explore all that is new and know the hidden, undisclosed side of things, and the adventure may contain a kind of danger to him and its results are not guaranteed and unsafe, but he is a impulsive person who does not allow anything to stand up to him.

Attributes that make you loved:
the smile:
A smile gives a feeling of reassurance a person suffers, as a smile gives a feeling of relief and reassurance, and removes tension in charged situations and airspace, and the smile is considered a sign of goodwill, and the message of its content can be delivered to love and peace to everyone at all ages, races and colors, as the smile is a universal language that does not need interpretation .

 Beloved people use their ears more than they use their tongues, as they listen to others with all listening and interest regardless of the person who is speaking and the topic in which he speaks and its importance, and this indicates interest, taste and high morals, where the speaker feels that there is someone who cares for his words, and there are those who take his talk Seriously, this may make them turn to them when they need advice or when they face a problem.

Positivity: The beloved person usually enjoys positivity, whether it is positive in thinking, in saying or in dealing, and poses positive thoughts in any discussion, and uses words of a positive nature when speaking, and publishes the positive atmosphere wherever he is.