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How to be strong character

Personality is a group of character, characteristics, and traits, which exist in the same individual and his being, and accompanies the individual continuously in all his life situations, in addition to that everything that distinguishes the individual from others, as it appears through his interaction with his environment, and what it contains Individuals, events, and facts, just as the personality crystallizes through the desires of the individual, and his own tendencies, that is, it is an integrated system, and the harmony of all personal aspects with each other, and the personality of the individual is formed by many factors such as inheritance, level of maturity, and methods of family upbringing In childhood, experience, and many other factors influence the building of a person's personal formation.

Strong personality :
It is considered one of the most important things that everyone seeks to possess, because it is enjoyed by its owner from the complete mental health and level of self-stability, and it is common to describe a strong personality as bullying, intensity, imposing opinion, and controlling others, but the strong personality is often the opposite. Absolutely, since she does not care to prove power in any way, but she has the ability to interact with the facts of matters, and different positions in the logic of justice, wisdom, and mercy, that is, she is the character who has the skill of positive control with this power she has, and controlling negative responses to it, And control.

 Create a strong character:
Self-confidence and self-strength:
Self-confidence means that the individual is self-sufficient, that he does not feel inferior to it, and that he is convinced that he does not need to reincarnate other personalities, as self-confidence is a self-driving force that gives its owner strength, and confidence in the ability to achieve goals despite circumstances, events and challenges, and therefore the individual who is confident of Himself; He is an individual who does not doubt his abilities, skills, and ability to continue in the accomplishments and experiences, his ability to take on challenges, and success in overcoming them, and self-confidence leads to the individual's realization of himself, in addition to his feeling of importance in meeting his internal needs; That drives him to the continuous pursuit of success, achievement, progress, and achieving self-aspiration in all areas of practical, social and other life, as success extends to success in forming social relationships, various friendships, and satisfying the emotional side.

The ability to make decisions:
We enter the decision-making process is an important process, and a self-skill, that can only be performed by its owner, as it is the duty of the individual who seeks to possess a strong personality not to allow others around him to interfere in making his decisions, and influence them, through intrusion, or skepticism, or Forcing him to amend and change it, as showing the individual's confidence in the correctness of his choices, and his decisions cancel the characteristic of doubt, and the hesitation of his personality in front of others, and the person's uniqueness in his choices for his decisions does not negate the need to consult the experienced people, and take advantage of their experiences to enrich self-information in a specific area to support The decision-making process is fast and without hesitation.

 Take attitudes and respect:
Where it is considered essential to this character that the individual possesses the ability to express reactions in a balanced manner towards others, since a strong personality can prove and impose its respect, by taking a single position, without being drawn into the positions and opinions of other people, respect is not made by keeping up with others in Their positions, attitudes, and opinions, even if that exposes them to insult and ridicule, as a strong personality is a personality that proves its respect through initiating actions, and rejecting hateful and unwanted orders and instructions if not within the framework of responsibilities and tasks to be accomplished, in addition to the ability to impose self-will , And accustom others to respect leisure and entertainment times, and not to boycott them.

As an individual who possesses a strong personality is keen on emptying by himself, this opens new horizons for the self, helps to understand it, get to know it, and refine it better, just as sitting quietly and trying to relax enables the person to reconsider his previous actions and responses, in Different positions, and holding himself accountable for wrong behaviors, and encouraging them to good and effective behaviors, and thus openness to oneself, and its reconciliations in the inner world; It leads to its reconciliation with the outside world, its good adaptation to its stimuli, and thus becomes more stable and calm, in addition to being alone with the self; It provides an opportunity to enhance it with positive, effective and motivational energy; Through transmitting suggestions about the ability to achieve, and possessing good and good qualities.