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Causes and treatment of puffiness under the eyes

Many people suffer from the problem of under-eye bloating despite their young age, due to many reasons, including malnutrition, anxiety, tension, sensitivity, and lack of attention to the eye, and as these swellings give an unpleasant appearance to the eye, the victim appears to be larger than His age, and we will talk in this article about the causes of swelling under the eye, in addition to treating this swelling in home ways.

Causes of swelling under the eyes:
Fluid retention in the body, this occurs as a result of eating large quantities of salty foods or as a result of crying a lot.
  •  Wearing contaminated contact lenses, not sleeping or sleeping for many hours, and hypothyroidism.
  • Allergy to certain foods.
  •  Aging, as the person ages, the skin under the eyes sagging, and this phenomenon arises in the age of the forties and fifties.
  •  Obesity, as the accumulation of fat under the eye causes sagging.
  •  Genetics, high blood pressure.

Home puffiness treatment:
Use tea bags:
As it helps the muscles of the eye relax, and limits their puffiness, as they contain anti-irritation properties, boil the tea bags with hot water for several minutes, then leave them a little to cool, then put them on the eyelids, cover them, then leave them for fifteen minutes, and repeat this The process is four times during the day.

the strawberry:
Where strawberries contain alpha hydroxy acid, which tightens the skin, appears young, and reduces puffiness under the eye, by inserting a few strawberries into the refrigerator, leaving it for thirty minutes, then cutting it into thick slices, and applying it under the eyes for a few minutes.

The cucumber contains enzymes that treat swellings, in addition to reducing inflammation, in addition to eliminating dark circles and wrinkles, by cutting the cucumber into circular slices, inserting them into the refrigerator for ten minutes, then putting them on the eyelids, and leaving them until they become warm, and repeat This step four times a day.

 Egg whites :
Where egg white contains a lot of properties that tighten the skin, and the eye gets rid of puffiness, by separating the egg white from the yolk, whisk it well, and then painted it with a piece of fabric under the eye, leaving it to dry, then washing it, and this process is repeated daily.