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Learn how to clean a face

Many women do not know the correct way to clean the face, in order to preserve its freshness, moisture, and beauty, and to rid it of oils, dust, and residual makeup stuck to it, which affects the smoothness of their skin, and leads to the appearance of pimples and grains on them, which makes them more anxious, in addition to It works to increase their feeling of discomfort and discomfort, which leads them to search for the best ways to restore the beauty of their appearance, and to clean the face in the correct way that guarantees them a gorgeous view, and in this article we will tell you how to clean the face.

How to clean the face:
Open the pores of the skin:
This step is a preparatory step for the skin, because it absorbs the natural materials that will be placed on it, and this step is done by washing the face with warm water and soap, then preparing a steam bath for the face, boiling enough water and adding a little rose water or chamomile , Or from lavender, or green tea, and put it in a saucepan, then steaming the face on it for ten minutes, then wiping the face with a cotton, with light pressure on areas of blackheads such as chin, nose, and fat, which helps get rid of suspended impurities, such as Dust, dust and makeup residue.

Facial massage:
 Where the skin is massaged gently, and this massage should be done through the use of one of the natural masks that work to tighten the skin and protect it from wrinkles, or to remove the pimples and pimples from them, or in their hydration, and protect them from dehydration, or in their nutrition, and that will be Apply the mask on the skin, leave it to dry, then rinse it off with warm water, and gently dry the skin.

Skin hydration process:
Where oils such as olive oil, glycerine oil, almond oil, and some natural creams are used, and it is advised to leave these oils on the skin for two hours at most, then clean them, rinse the skin with lukewarm water, and dry them, and the pores of the skin should be closed after finishing moisturizing The skin works to close its pores, to prevent the accumulation of impurities in it, and that it massages it with ice cubes, or the use of special natural masks for that.

Natural blends to clean skin:
 Milk and lemon mask:
Where mix a quarter cup of yogurt with juice of half a grain of lemon, then through the mixture on the skin, leave it for a third of an hour, then rinse the face with warm water, dry it, and then moisturize it with cream, it must be noted that the yogurt contains acid Lactic, which is responsible for exfoliating the skin and ridding it of dead cells, while lemon removes it from bacteria, helps lighten it, and cleans it deeply.

 Baking soda and honey mask:
He urged that four teaspoons of honey be mixed with two teaspoons of baking soda, by applying the mixture to the skin, leaving it for a quarter of an hour, then massaging it in a circle for five minutes, then rinsing it with lukewarm water, then with cold water, knowing that baking soda where It helps to purify pores, exfoliate the skin, and free it from blackheads, while honey moisturizes it.

 Honey and cinnamon mask:
Where two teaspoons of honey are mixed with a quarter of a tablespoon of cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg for a homogeneous mixture, by applying it to the skin, leaving it for ten minutes, then rinsing it with cold water, and then moisturizing it with cream, it must be noted that the nut Perfume and cinnamon help to deeply cleanse the skin and rid it of pimples and pimples.

 Coffee and cocoa mask:
 Mix two teaspoons of coffee, with two tablespoons of cocoa, four teaspoons of milk, with half a tablespoon of honey, and another of lemon juice, then apply it to the skin, leave it for a third of an hour, then rinse it with warm water, knowing that the coffee removes the cells She is dead and purifies the skin.