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How do I keep my child from diseases

It is possible for your child to be exposed to diseases every time he leaves the house to play with his
friends, and this causes the weakness of your child's immune system, and his inability to fight various pathogens. Your job as a mother is to ensure that your child's health is free of diseases as possible, and there are some Tips to help you do that.

As the concern for your infant to obtain a sufficient amount of milk through breastfeeding, as it provides breastfeeding for your child in the first months of his life, all the food he needs to strengthen his weak body, in addition to the immunity that is transmitted to his body through breastfeeding, which provides It has a shield that protects its body from some viral and bacterial diseases.

Disease vaccination:
Since some types of serious diseases, such as childhood paralysis or viral hepatitis, can only protect your child from it through vaccination, you should make sure to follow up on your child's vaccination dates, and take into account that the child gets them on time, without any neglect or delay in that.

Obtaining proper nutrition:
 As it is considered the key to enjoying good health, and it helps to strengthen his body and immune system while remaining free from diseases, it is necessary for your child to obtain the full nutritional value necessary for the health of his immune system, by providing him with sufficient quantities of all types of food without neglecting any type of them With an emphasis on eating more foods such as garlic, cocoa and nuts, garlic contains a number of antibacterials and viruses, and contributes to the formation of white blood cells, in addition to its function as an antioxidant, while cocoa reduces the risk of heart disease, and the importance of nuts appears to reduce The risk of exposure to some chronic diseases.

Psychological comfort :
You can avoid exposing the child to psychological pressures, and the resulting feelings of tension, fear and depression, and some research has proven that successive psychological pressures prevent the body from forming white blood cells, as it reduces the body's immunity and makes it more vulnerable to infection with infectious diseases. Exercise It is necessary to help your child to exercise appropriate age exercises in order to strengthen his body and raise his ability to fight the pathogens entering it.

Cleanliness :
You must ensure that the food and water you provide to your child is clean, by washing it well, in addition to cleaning utensils and dishes, and the cleanliness of your child's hands before and after eating, in addition to maintaining the cleanliness of his toys permanently, and washing his bed regularly.