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Recipes and foods to increase your height

Height is one of the primary signs of beauty for women and men, as it is not possible to see a short beauty queen, or a short model, for this people always wish to be tall, to obtain the appropriate and integrated external appearance, and there are many means that are made through the increase Of length, such as medical treatment, which is concentrated by taking certain medications, which have a rapid effect in increasing height, but at the same time damage occurs from another side in the body, and there is a type of sport that helps to increase height by exercising constantly, and diet We have a great role in this, and we will enjoy Rack in this article on natural mixtures to quickly increase length.

Recipes for tallening with herbs:
 Some herbal recipes are used for tallening, the most important of which are:
  1. Drink a large glass of melted camel milk with two cloves of garlic, minced in the morning and evening.
  2. Use of onion soup with bone marrow (especially camel bone).
  3. Grind the nuclei of the dates after roasting them with the nigella, and drink it with camel milk twice daily.
  4.  Radish is eaten with meals, as it is very beneficial.
  5.  After consuming three hours of boiling herb tea, boil it, then add a spoonful of sugar to it.
  6. Mash avocado fruits with yogurt, or mix them with yogurt and drink.
  7.  Doing swimming and jogging every day for at least half an hour.

Recipes for height increase:
 Egg, banana and milk recipe:
Where two eggs and a grain of fresh banana are mixed, three tablespoons of natural honey and ten cubes of ice using an electric mixer, until we have a homogeneous mixture, and we drink a cup of it every day in the early morning and evening, with this recipe lasting for ten days.

 The ring's recipe:
Where we grind a spoonful of fenugreek and a tablespoon of nigella and five years of garlic using an electric mixer, until we have a smooth mixture, and we eat a large cup of the mixture three times per day, while continuing to drink for at least a month.

 Avocado Recipe:
Two pills of avocado are crushed with their peel, and mix with them a cup of pure milk, and mix all ingredients with the mixer, and drink from this recipe three cups a day three times, while continuing to take this recipe for forty days.

Food to increase height:
  •  Fish and soy milk: These foods contain vitamin D, facilitate calcium absorption, and help bone growth.
  • Oats and peanuts: These foods repair the affected tissues in the human body, stimulate the production of new tissues, and contain amino acids that help to grow in a healthy way, and rich in protein that stimulates the growth process.
  •  Beetroot and spinach: These foods contain vitamin A, and keep calcium stable in the bones of the body, and increase their strength and endurance.
  •  Eggs and figs: These foods contain potassium, which helps to improve and strengthen bones.
  • Banana grapes: These fruits contain a rich group of minerals, help build muscle tissue in the body, and increase bone strength.