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Natural recipes for the treatment of pits and scars:

Many people suffer from the appearance of acne, which makes them in permanent search for the best
treatments to get rid of them, because it leaves troublesome effects that distort the appearance of the skin such as pits and scars, and it has appeared in several products such as creams and ointments that address this problem quickly, but their use does not It is devoid of side effects and harmful to the skin, so natural remedies away from chemicals are among the best solutions that give the same results without exposure to any damages, which we will mention in this article.

Natural recipes for the treatment of pits and scars:
 Potato juice:
As potato fruits contain many minerals and vitamins, which makes them one of the best types of vegetables, which contribute to healing and treating skin scars, so that the potato is cut into thin slices, and then placed on the affected places, and left for a quarter of an hour after that washed with warm water, This process must be repeated once a day to obtain the desired result.

Baking soda :
Where baking soda consists of crystals of sodium bicarbonate that exfoliate the skin of the skin in a healthy way when rubbing it, mix an appropriate amount of water with a small amount of baking soda until a mixture of texture like paste is applied, then the resulting mixture is applied to the skin and massaged for two minutes, after which it is left On the skin for several more minutes, then wash it with lukewarm water and moisturize the face with a natural moisturizer such as olive oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil.

Lemonade :
Where the lemon juice contains natural alpha hydrochloric acid, which helps in healing wounds and getting rid of pits, through the process of activating and restoring the skin cells, so that, by placing a sufficient amount of lemon juice in a small container and mixed with a little water, then the mixture is painted. On affected skin using a piece of medical cotton, and left to dry completely, then wash it with cold water and dry the face well and moisturize with moisturizing cream, and this prescription should be applied once every three days.

Using honey:
Where raw and natural honey is considered one of the best natural methods that help heal wounds and renew skin cells, so that the face is painted with an appropriate amount of honey, and then massaged in a gentle circular way, and you can mix two spoons of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, then apply the resulting mixture On affected skin. Cucumber The cucumber is characterized by its moisturizing properties, as it contains magnesium, vitamin (A), and vitamin (C), the cucumber is cut into thin slices, then placed on the affected areas and left for half an hour, after that it is removed from the skin and washed with cold water, and must be maintained on This process is done daily.

How to avoid face pits:
  • Treating pimples as soon as possible as they arise so that the condition does not worsen and thus protect the skin from the formation of pimples, scars and pits resulting from pimples.
  •  Treating grain inflammation and preventing skin irritation resulting from violent facial washing or the use of some inappropriate creams, because the inflamed pill is one of the biggest causes of facial drilling.
  • Failure to squeeze, squeeze or squeeze the pills, especially nodules and abscesses, will exacerbate the condition and serious infections and hence the emergence of deep holes that may be permanent on the face.
  • Knowing if the skin is more vulnerable to the formation of pits, there are people who do not show pits despite their acne, and other people have pits with their faces despite the smallness and simplicity of their acne, and this is done through a dermatologist’s review to define and develop a treatment plan for the skin.
  • Treating nodules and abscesses that destroy skin tissue and leave very deep holes, by consulting a doctor who determines the appropriate treatment for the skin and avoids the formation of holes.