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How do I slim my face in different ways

Some people suffer from an aesthetic problem, which collects fat in the area of ​​the face and cheeks, which causes them a state of discomfort, anxiety and lack of confidence in the appearance, and therefore we see them looking for natural recipes or easy physical exercises to slim the face and without the need to resort to cosmetic surgeries, This is what we will introduce you to in this article.

Methods for slimming the face:
Reducing intake of refined carbohydrates:
Where refined carbohydrates are among the most important substances that increase fat storage and weight gain, as carbohydrates are processed, and get rid of useful nutrients, useful fibers in them, leaving sugars, and calories only, and they also contain a small amount of fiber, are They digest them quickly, causing a drop in blood sugar levels, an increased risk of overeating, and foods that contain refined carbohydrates are cakes, biscuits, pastas, and many others.

Chewing gum:
It is possible through chewing gum to quickly lose the fat in the face, and thus slimming it, as chewing gum helps to use a lot of facial muscles, but care must be taken to chew sugar-free gum, and avoid adding sugar to the daily diet on the amount that must be eaten, Which the body needs.

Playing sports :
As it is usually the excess fat in the face, as a result of excess fat in the body in general, and can lose weight, or increase fat loss, and slimming the body, and the face, and can also be done through aerobic exercise, as it helps to improve blood circulation, Increased heart rate, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends playing up to 150 minutes of moderate minimum aerobic exercise per week, and exercises that can be performed are brisk walking, water exercises, and bike riding.

Facial exercises:
Where it is possible to practice exercises related to the facial area to make it skinny by focusing on strengthening the facial muscles, as it has a positive effect to reduce skin sagging in it, and these exercises include an exercise to inflate the cheek by deep breathing and keeping the amount of air inside the mouth, then push it out, and repeat This exercise for a number of times per day, as a smile exercise helps in slimming the face by lengthening the mouth for a few seconds and then narrowing it without creasing the lips, and repeating the exercise for each side separately.

Ginger and water mixture:
As it is possible to prepare this mixture, as an appropriate amount of ginger powder is mixed with lukewarm water, and the ingredients are well stirred until a coherent dough is obtained, where it must be applied on the face until dry, washed with lukewarm water, and with care to repeat these steps daily before immortality To sleep.

Yoga exercises:
 Where there are a lot of yoga exercises for the face that can be practiced to slim it down, such as a muscle muscle around the mouth, and that is by following the steps that are closing the mouth, pulling an amount of air and holding it under the upper lip and counting to ten in this position, transferring air to the left cheek and counting again to ten , And repeat the previous step to the right cheek.