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Food and tips to activate memory and save speed

Where many people complain of the problem of forgetfulness and the inability to store information for short periods, which causes them embarrassment in many situations, and prevents them from obtaining school and university marks that they dream about, and finds many reasons for this problem, the most important of which is the person’s neglect of his physical, psychological, and mental health So, during this article, we will show you the most important foods and advice that contribute to stimulating memory and speed of preservation.

Food important for memory and preservation:
As it is considered one of the very important foods to activate memory and conservation power:
As eggs contain vitamin B12, which reduces the proportion of the hormone homocysteine ​​in the blood, and it also maintains the body at a high level of energy for long periods, which enhances the health of the brain and its ability to focus, but it is advised for everyone who suffers from high cholesterol not to increase the consumption of eggs.

 Carrots and water:
Carrot helps improve brain function, and it also contains substances that reduce brain inflammation and reduce the risk of memory loss when you age. Drinking eight cups of water per day helps reduce the rate of forgetfulness, and affects brain energy, and water moisturizes the body, which leads to Feeling comfortable.

 olive oil:
It contains vitamin E, which is useful in nourishing memory cells and protecting them from damage. It also has many benefits to improve all the functions of the human body.

As eating all types of fish, such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, and others, helps to improve the functions of the brain's nerve cells and stimulate memory, since fish are rich in omega-3 and many fatty acids for humans to obtain in appropriate quantities, so it is recommended to eat fish twice a week.

Tips to activate memory and fast save:
Here are some practical tips to activate memory and strengthen and increase storage:
  • You must train the brain to think fast, intuitive, and fast-memorizing. You can do brain exercises to stimulate the brain and memory, which is very important as body exercises. The brain needs these exercises from time to time to ensure that it is not subject to laziness and lethargy, and these exercises involve playing chess, or solving crossword game Or solve mathematical equations and speech problems.
  • ou have to get enough sleep hours from six to eight hours a day, and make sure that your sleep method is correct, do not sleep amid the noise or sound of the TV, try to sleep in a quiet room, and turn off all light sources as they disturb the brain and cause sleep disturbances, and you also have to sleep At a suitable temperature.
  • You can keep your body healthy, as the common saying says a healthy mind in a healthy body, eat healthy foods and stay away from fast food and ready foods, and make sure that your meals consist of multiple elements of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, you also have to exercise, and it increases exercise The blood flow in the body, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen that the brain needs to actively carry out its functions.
  • nd you can devote time to meditation, and meditation means sitting in a quiet and comfortable place with a focus on and regulating breathing, and thus reaching a state of mental calm and psychological peace and inner peace, and researchers are advised to meditate on his ability to build brain cells in a sound manner and renewal, and his ability to strengthen memory and conservation.