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Many people seek to obtain perfectly sculpted facial bones, with a specific jaw, but this does not mean that whole faces are undesirable, and many people love the appearance of a healthy, complete face and natural glow, and we do not forget that there is a difference between A healthy face is full, and another face stores excess fat, and in the event that the person is generally suffering from an increase in weight, and is concerned about excess weight in the face, as this condition can disappear facial fat with the rest of the body fat, but the way to remove fat from Face and weight loss may not be an easy and simple way for everyone, especially your dad They are located in the cheeks, which give a puffy face to the face, and it can also be said that there are some people due to the accumulation of fat as a result of their genes, and it is recommended to use some exercises that help get rid of facial fat quickly.

How to get rid of facial fat:
 There are several ways to care for the face and get rid of excess fat, which are:
Facial massage: where the face is massaged with one of the natural oils, such as: olive oil, cocoa butter or fenugreek, but if the skin is greasy, grated can be used as an option, knowing that the massage process starts from the chin to the top of the cheeks clockwise and backwards, at least twice Daily.

 Mouth breathing and chin lift:
This exercise is important for the neck, chin, jaws, and facial muscles, by making the spine straight and looking at the ceiling, pulling the lips, and exhaling from the mouth, this process is repeated 10 times, relaxing in time of need, and there is an exercise to raise the chin, and this exercise helps to Get rid of the double chin, by relaxing the chin muscles, and the mechanism of this exercise is to pull the lower lip up and hold it for five seconds, and repeat at least 10 times a day.

Cheek-inflating exercise
The cheek inflatable exercise helps wrap the cheek muscles to make the face appear slimmer, its mechanism being by taking a deep breath, holding air in the right cheek for six seconds, then in the left cheek for the same period, and repeating several times daily, the face exercise (fish face), and This exercise leads to absorption of the cheeks, then try to smile for five seconds, then break, and repeat this exercise 10 times a day, and the cheek lift exercise This exercise is summed up with a smile; by stretching the right cheek with the help of fingers toward the eye for 10 seconds, and repeat on the left cheek also .

 Chin Exercise:
It is an exercise for the area where the chin merges with the neck, and where the largest amount of facial fat accumulates, so that it develops into a double or triple chin, as for the exercise mechanism, it is by holding the face, and the neck straight, and raising the neck towards the ceiling for one second, then tightening Lips, and trying to hold the face for 10 seconds, this movement is repeated up and down 20 times, and repeated several times a day.

Lips pulling exercise:
As this exercise helps raise the cheeks and jawbones, by pushing the lower jaw, and raising the lower lip to the highest possible duration of 10-15 seconds at the same time, this movement is repeated two to three times daily, and rotating the tongue helps to reduce excess fat in The face, and to reduce the double chin, and the mechanism of this exercise is to close the mouth, and rotate the tongue in circular motions; so that we touch the outer surface of the upper and lower teeth 15 times clockwise, and another counterclockwise, and we do it twice daily.

Tips for getting rid of facial fat:
  1. Continuous cleaning of the face: It is advised to wash the face with daily washings for oily skin, avoid rubbing it vigorously, rinse it gently with warm, not hot water, and avoid rubbing it when it dries, and keep it clean without exaggeration, because frequent use of water to clean the face or rub it with soap The secretion of more fats, which will increase the problem that is supposed to be eliminated, and it is also important to sterilize the skin with antiseptics that contain acids such as salicylic acid and other acids to reduce the alkalinity of the skin and balance the secretion of fats on it, it must be noted It is even better to experiment with any product that is used on a small area of ​​the face. If no irritation or any unwanted responses appear, it is approved and used regularly.
  2.  Remove makeup before bed every day, stay away from oily moisturizers, and replace them with oil-free moisturizers.
  3. Make a face mask weekly to rejuvenate the skin.
  4. Use a suitable sunscreen that is free from greases and oils.
  5.  Away from stress, studies have shown that stress has to do with excess sort of fat.

 Food quality: It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of food, and to reduce as much as possible of greasy foods, such as snacks, chocolate, and soft drinks, because all of these may lead to an increase in the secreted fats, especially in the face.