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The best drinks for fattening children

Many children suffer from the problem of thinness, which leads to general weakness in the body, which causes anxiety in many mothers, and there are many reasons that lead to skinnyness, and perhaps the most important one is poor nutrition, through which the child does not obtain important nutrients and vitamins For his body, and in this article we will talk about the best drinks that help to treat the thinness of children.

Symptoms of being thin:
  1. Paleness of the face and yellowing.
  2.  Headache infection.
  3.  General weakness in all parts of the body.
  4.  Lack of focus.
  5. skin dryness.
Best fattening syrup for children:
 Fenugreek syrup:
As it is considered one of the drinks that children must eat to open their appetite, in addition to increasing their weight, the recipe can be prepared by putting an appropriate amount of water in a bowl over the fire until it boils, then add a tablespoon of black honey and stir a little, then leave it on the fire to boil For ten minutes, then add five tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and leave the mixture on the fire for five minutes, then raise and drink hot, and fenugreek can be given to the child three times a day.

 Cocoa syrup:
It is considered a fortified and nourishing beverage as well and has a high nutritional value, as it helps to effectively fatten children due to the high calories found in it, and cocoa drink is prepared by placing a cup of water in the electric mixer, then add two tablespoons of powdered whole milk and mix Well, then add three tablespoons of cocoa powder and a little liquid chocolate with continued mixing, then pour in a cup and put in the refrigerator for an hour, and then it is taken cold, and it is preferred to repeat the recipe three times a day for better results.

 Beet or beet syrup:
 As it is considered one of the important drinks also for the treatment of thinness and it also helps to gain weight. The drink can be prepared by peeling and cutting beets, then put it in an electric mixer with a little water, then add the sugar as desired, and apples can also be added to obtain a higher nutritional value, and it is served For the child twice daily.

  1. Tips for treating thinner children:
  2. Do not pressure your child to eat so he does not hate food.
  3.  The child should have sufficient sleep hours.
  4.  Focus on giving the child vegetables and fruits.
  5. Avoid as much as possible of foods that do not contain any nutritional value such as chips and sweets, especially before eating meals, as it blocks children's appetite.
  6. Pay attention to the way meals are served to children that are beautifully coordinated to attract them and encourage them to eat.