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Methods of treating oily skin pills

Oily skin was named by this name due to the increased secretion of oils on the surface of the skin, and oily skin is characterized by the fact that it does not show signs of aging early, and less dehydrated, but it is subject to many problems such as the appearance of pimples, blackheads, pimples, whiteheads, and other things, This is due to the expansion of the pores of the skin, and on the whole as the oily skin is due to many factors such as diet, genetic causes, and some hormonal changes accompanying puberty, and the secretion of fats on oily skin increases in the case of menopause, pregnancy, taking birth control pills, and there are some ways Effective, natural techniques that help to treat grains associated with oily skin.

 Methods of treating oily skin pills:
 Blocking pores, and accumulation of oils on the surface of the skin give an unwanted shine, as well as skin problems associated with oily skin, except that simple and easy methods are used, appropriate products are used, and some routine changes will improve oily skin significantly, while some of these come Methods:
cleaning the skin:
 This is done by washing the face twice a day using a gentle lotion that removes the excess oil that closes the pores of the face, taking into account the selection of soap free of oils and moisturizers, and gentle on the skin, and use lukewarm water and avoid hot water, in addition to drying the skin well with a soft cotton towel after washing Pay attention to removing makeup and cleaning the skin before bed.

Toner can be used:
As the use of a toner or a refreshing toner can reduce the problems of oily skin, as the lotions contain alcohol, while the refresher contains green tea or caffeine, and medicinal blotting paper is used and used on the skin to absorb excess oils, as it contains salicylic acid Or acne-fighting glycolic acid as well.

 Using skin masks:
Where masks are used to cleanse the skin and get rid of excess oils, but they should not be used extensively because they contain drying properties of the skin, it is recommended to use them after washing the skin, and they can use a mud mask, a shea butter mask or a honey mask, and a sandalwood mask, turmeric is used To remove pimples and purify the skin.

And oil-free preparations are used: Although oily skin contains a high percentage of oils, it needs moisture and protection from harmful sunlight, which can use moisturizing creams and sunscreen, but you should pay attention to the presence of the word noncomedogenic on the product, and the function on The product is based on water only.

Medicines can also be used: some medicines sold in pharmacies can be used without a prescription, such as medicines containing benzoyl peroxide and creams containing resorcinol, or sulfur, or salicylic acids, all of which work to combat pimples, cleanse the skin, prevent infections, and reduce pores. Skin, and in case of not responding to the drug, you can see a doctor who specializes in skin problems to obtain effective treatment.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet:
Since eating food containing antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, it will improve the appearance of the skin, and help protect from problems in general, and in addition to stay away from harmful fats and sugars.

Playing sports:
Exercise reduces the production of oils on the skin, and it reduces psychological tension, but you must shower after exercises to get rid of the germs accumulated due to perspiration. Reducing stress: Stress causes more problems for oily skin, increases the appearance of pimples, and research has found that the body produces higher levels of androgen and cortisol in times of extreme stress, and this is what makes the sebaceous glands secrete oils a lot, and practicing yoga can lower blood pressure, reduce Fat secretion.

Adequate sleep, drinking water:
Sleeping for seven to nine hours every night is a renewal of the body's activity, the skin gaining freshness, and drinking plenty of water. Drinking eight to ten cups of water moisturizes the skin and prevents dehydration, which may increase the production of oils on the skin.

Reasons for hormone skin pills:
As it is considered one of the very important causes, which affects its appearance, as the increase of hormones, especially the androgen hormone in the adult stage of both sexes, increases the possibility of infection with these pills, and also changes the hormonal effects in the pregnancy stage in women, or when using birth control pills, Androgen production decreases, so things can get worse.

Diet: Studies have found that some foods increase the percentage of these grains, such as skim milk, chocolate, and some foods rich in carbohydrates, such as bread, as people who suffer from grains should be careful when eating them, and it is best to avoid them.

Stress, tension and anxiety increase the appearance of pimples as well, and bacteria that grow in the layers of the skin, which contain some excess fat that clogs the pores and openings of hair follicles, leading to the appearance of black and white heads, especially in the face, neck, and shoulders.