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Matte causes of eye rip and ways to reduce them

Rib eye are involuntary spasms that occur to the eyelid muscle, especially the upper eyelid, and are light and not noticeable, and at other times they are strong spasms that require keeping the eyelid closed, and these spasms usually occur every two minutes, and cannot be predicted as they occur on Spaced periods are days and times for months, and you may worry about the occurrence of the rug of the eye accompanied by twitching and cramps in the eyelid automatically and this time becomes uncomfortable for you, especially if the occurrence of the rug of the eye occurs more than once and is a source of inconvenience for you because you can not predict it as it happens to me Spaced or multiple days.

Ways to help reduce eye rash:
To start hard flashing:
It happens by starting to close your eyes tightly and then pressing them as much as you can and then suddenly open them unexpectedly, until they expand, and implement this method until your eyes begin to produce tears, and then stop immediately if you experience any pain and that is because it In this case, it may lead to repeated spasms, and occurs with the use of your middle fingers, massage the eyelids in a circular motion, and to prevent irritation or infection, you must make sure to clean your hands and face well.

Blinking for half a minute:
And by trying to do this quickly enough, however, the movements must be very light, and you can imagine that your eyelashes are like butterfly wings, and the eyelash move takes place very important to the eye because it helps to relax the eye muscles and cleanse the eyeballs well, and also must stop Immediately if you experience pain or tingling is much worse than before.

Blinking for one minute while closing your eyes.
And it is done through the practice of acupuncture through two minutes which is one of the ancient Chinese treatment methods and includes pressure using a very thin needle, on certain places in the body and it is the longitudinal lines in the body and are the energy lines that are not visible in the body, and acupressure is one of the most effective treatments for diseases Which are associated with tension, spasms and nervous system, as it works to relax the muscles and balance the vital forces of the body, and to prevent any infection or irritation, make sure the face and hands are well cleaned.
Causes of eyelid spasms and rhinitis:
  • Eat more caffeine and alcohol: Many experts believe that caffeine and alcohol can lead to eye prickles, so try to reduce the amounts of tea and coffee you consume.
  • Suffering from dry eyes: Eyelid spasms are a symptom of dry eyes and more than half of the world's population, especially the elderly, suffer from dry eyes, because it is a symptom of aging diseases, and eye dryness is also common in people who use computers for a long time.
  •  Take some medications, such as antihistamines, antidepressants, and others, or wear contact lenses incorrectly. Eye dryness may also occur as a result of stress and pressure. In this case, it is better to turn to the attending physician to provide immediate treatments.
  • Diet defects: Some reports indicate that a lack of certain nutrients such as magnesium can lead to eyelid spasms, and tingling, and if you suspect a deficiency of some nutrients, you should turn to a dietitian for advice.
  •  Suffering from allergies: where people who suffer from eye allergy, may lead to itching, swelling and watery eyes, and histamine, which causes shivering eyes.
Eye flutter symptoms:
Those who suffer from strong and frequent eye flutter are advised to visit the specialist doctor as soon as possible to discover the reasons for this occurrence, and this condition is often accompanied by a group of the following or all of the following symptoms:
  1. Eye puffiness and redness.
  2.   The eyelid hangs down.
  3.   The eyelid closes involuntarily when spasms occur.
  4. Eye fatigue and dryness.
  5.   Sensitivity to light with blurry vision.