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What are the ways to treat the effects of old wounds naturally

We are exposed during our daily life to many surface and deep wounds, which leave unpleasant effects on the skin and skin, where these effects are in the form of scars or pigmentation of the skin, which causes the appearance of spots on the skin and skin, and this negatively affects the general appearance, especially if the effects of wounds These are in visible and visible areas of the skin, such as the face and hands, so it is necessary to search for ways to get rid of these disturbing effects, and the effects of wounds are signs that the wound leaves on the skin after the injury and can be due to various skin wounds, including burns, wounds, and acne And it is not just Ola He died on the skin, but more than that, it is one of the reasons for low self-esteem. It is known to many that wounds may heal but scars remain forever, because getting rid of the effects of old wounds is a difficult process, but you can treat it with simple household recipes. Results may differ from person to person.

Wound treatment methods:
 Coconut Oil :
One of the simplest methods that you can rely on when eliminating the effects of old wounds is coconut oil, which you can use to eliminate the signs of burns and acne injuries, and because it contains vitamin E and antioxidants that increase the speed of recovery from wounds and prevent scars. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties while preventing skin infections. Only applying coconut oil at night for 10-15 days will see magical results.

Turmeric treatment:
Turmeric contains wonderful aesthetic benefits to the skin as it is considered one of the anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants and antibiotics that help protect from various diseases, mixing a quantity of turmeric with obesity and gently massaging the affected area., And then washing the turmeric after 15-20 minutes., And that To keep skin healthy and glowing.

Lemon treatment:
Lemon juice contains many nutrients that not only have health benefits but effective home remedies. The lemon is rich in vitamin C, citric acid and alpha-hydrosky acids that help remove dead skin cells and play a natural bleaching role. To eliminate the effects of old wounds, you can apply a little lemon juice to the affected areas, then rinse it after 15 minutes. It is preferable to wash the face with a solution of lemon juice before going to sleep.

tomatoes :
It contains lycopene, which is a good ingredient for skin like lemon because tomatoes contain natural lightening agents and cheap fruits help you to fight the symptoms of aging and reduce the signs of wounds, where you can massage a slice of tomatoes on the effects of old wounds and massage in a circular motion that makes it a natural exfoliator for the skin .

Gooseberry or currant:
The gooseberry herb is considered one of the effective medicinal herbs in improving health in general and eliminating the impact of old wounds as well because it is rich in vitamin C, which prevents the formation of scars, and you can use gooseberry powder or goat dough and apply it to the affected areas, and this helps in reducing old scars And prevent the formation of new scars.

 Honey treatment:
It is considered a natural ingredient for centuries, which is used in treating various problems, including eliminating the effects of old wounds, and according to studies that mentioned that honey helps in regenerating cells. You can use it with lemon and baking soda in equal quantities with massaging the affected area for 3 - 5 minutes and put a towel Hot on the mixture and when it cools, the polish is wiped after 15 minutes.

It is considered one of the plants known to calm and cool the irritated skin with topical use. When applying topical Aloe Vera gel directly on the effects of wounds to reduce the effects of wounds, it reduces inflammation and the size of the effects of wounds. Aloe vera gel increases the elasticity of the marks of wounds. You can make a mixture of aloe vera gel with rose water and apply it on the face and keep it for 15-20 minutes before rinsing the mask and gently massaging.

Option :
As the option reduces skin irritation and thus proves its effectiveness in treating old wound scars because it has a calming effect on the skin. Once you get the cucumber dough and start applying it, it helps you get the desired benefits or topical application directly to the cucumber slices on the affected places.

. Tea tree oil:
And tea tree oil is used to eliminate various skin problems, including removing burnt tissues and the effects appear gradually lighter, as it is an anti-bacterial that causes infection, and therefore, tea tree oil is included in various skin care products. You can dilute the tea tree oil in the water to obtain the solution and apply it to the old monuments regularly and for weeks until you notice a change in the effect of the old wounds.