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What are the reasons for the appearance of blackness under the eyes

Many people suffer from the presence of blackness under the eyes, and they are considered annoying and embarrassing problems that make the face appear in a state of fatigue and fatigue, and it is one of the most difficult things to get rid of; Their degrees are according to skin color, and black marks appear in the area surrounding the eyes in both men and women, and in other times they may appear in some children as well. Lack of sleep is one of the most known causes that lead to the appearance of these circles, and there are many factors that It works on the appearance of black circles under the eye area, including:

Reasons for the appearance of black circles around the eye area:

He urged that the more a person gets older, his skin becomes more delicate. This is because of the low level of fat and collagen in his body, which causes the blood vessels under the skin to appear more visible, and this makes the area under the eyes appear more dark color.
Where the appearance of black around the eye area increases in people with allergies, because these people have itching in their eyes, and this in turn leads to the appearance of these circles significantly, and there may be an increase in this case in people with hay fever, and the black circles are noticeably prominent in them very.

Nasal congestion:
Where the person has nasal congestion, this causes the blood vessels surrounding the nose area to appear, and the eyes appear more visible, and this helps to show these areas with a darker color.
The lack of sufficient quantities of fluids in the human body helps shrink the skin cells, and this is what makes the area under the eyes appear darker in color, so you should drink a lot of water, because it helps to reduce the black circles very significantly.

If a pregnant woman notices that the black circles in the area surrounding her eyes have started to appear to her, there is no reason for concern, because this condition has arisen due to pregnancy, as there has been a change in the level of hormones in the body, which led to the expansion of the small blood vessels, and this In turn, the black circles under the eye make them stand out more.

It occurs due to iron deficiency:
 If a person suffers from a deficiency in the level of iron in his body, whether due to a lack of nutrition, a prolonged menstrual period in a woman, or other reasons, this affects the blood circulation in the human body, which leads to the appearance of black circles in the region That surrounds the eyes.

Sleep method:
Many people think that lack of sleep is the reason for the appearance of black circles around the eye area, but the real reason really lies in the way of sleep, if a person sleeps on one of his sides, or on his stomach, then these positions of sleep in which the face is facing downward, Which works to focus all the effort on the eyes, so we recommend sleeping on the back, because these work to reduce the focus on the eyes, as it reduces the chance of wrinkles.

Sun exposure:
Where the face is exposed to sunlight, the most affected area is the area surrounding the eyes; this is because of its extreme delicacy, and sensitivity. And where sunlight produces melanin, exposure to it helps the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. Therefore, it is recommended to wear sunglasses that protect from the sun's UV rays with a protection rate equal to 100% أو, or 400% ؜, in order to ensure their efficiency in blocking the sun.

Salts and caffeine:
When eating foods or drinks whose content of salts and caffeine is very high, this works to make the body trap water inside, and this in turn works to make the area around the eyes appear to be very dark, so it is advised to reduce the intake of salts and caffeine, to get rid of the problem of blackness under Eyes.

When a lot of girls use make-up to help her hide the imperfections of the skin on her face, especially the black circles that are in the area that surrounds the eyes, but unfortunately the opposite may happen completely, the make-up may make the matter worse if the type used is bad, or even if it is A big brand but the body did not accept it, in these cases make-up is dangerous to the skin, and the dark circles under the eyes, and works to harm them, and increases their dark color instead of reducing it, as it may lead to irritation, or a state of sensitivity to the body, so We recommend that you stop using the product If it is proven that the body did not accept it.

Genetics is one of the reasons for the emergence of black circles in the area around the eyes, in some families parents transfer genetics to their children, causing them to carry a dark color around their eyes, so that they can get rid of this problem only through laser treatment.