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What are the causes of sleepless children and lack of sleep

Sleep is for the human body to stop moving and make any physical effort to enable the body's organs to rebuild their energy for the post-sleep phase, as sleep is one of the basic needs of the child in particular, as it helps his body and mind grow more quickly and naturally, so the mother should notice the sleep of her child, If you find that his sleep is less than usual, she should refer to the pediatrician directly to perform the necessary tests for him, and that the lack of sleep and the children’s insomnia is a problem that every mother suffers from, and unfortunately the lack of sleep may continue to be so much that the parents themselves are exhausted, and here are some reasons that make the child not sleep And their thinner children caused.

Reasons for insomnia children:

Your child is tired:
The child may be so tired that he cannot sleep, because the mother misses the child's sleep time, and when the child is sleepy and wants to sleep and does not sleep, but only he is tired and begins to cry, and try to calm him down because this time will be difficult, and the worst thing is that The child cannot complain and say that you, my mother, did you delay my bedtime, so always remember to try your baby at a later date after you give him his baby.

The child is not tired to sleep:
This occurs on newborns and not older children, as in fact this is a rare case, if the child refuses to sleep, and does his activities in a short time, if he sleeps all day long, and younger children do not want to wake up for a long time during the day, and But the child at the age of a year remains awake for a longer period, because they are curious and want to discover their surroundings.

Separation anxiety:
It affects children between the ages of 9 months and 12 months, because in this period there is a decrease in the number of hours that the child sleeps, so they are in decline, and sleep anxiety may also increase at the age of two years, because he feels that he will separate his family from him in a room Far from them, especially when he feels that he is getting old and that there is a warmer child younger than him.

Child's personality and mood:
The child begins to show his personality, children may fight sleep because they are active and do not want to miss any moment of extroversion, and it is considered that their sleep is the most boring thing for them, and therefore they may stay awake, and there are some social children who love to watch people, and these children They learn through observation, what they do during waking, not sleep.

Sleepiness phase:
As the child lives in six moods, emotions, crying, attention, calm, calm sleep, active sleep and drowsiness, children reflect these moods through actions. And the mother must note these moods, and the child will enter the stage of drowsiness if he is tired, especially babies. In the stage of drowsiness, the child scrubs his face with his hand, yawns, and breathes quickly.

Excessive attention:
The people around the child, the big changes in the daily routine, the games that stimulate vigor and vitality, all of which are sufficient reasons for the child's excessive attention and focus and thus not wanting to sleep. Excessive release chemicals that affect the child's brain. On the other hand, if your baby is breastfed, but breast milk contains the caffeine that the mother drank a short time ago, that makes the child attentive and does not want to sleep.

The most important drinks that help children:

  • Anise: Anise is one of the distinctive herbs that have many benefits for children, most notably relieving stomach ache and cramps, relieving coughs and eliminating early cold symptoms. It also helps the child to sleep, but be careful not to sweeten your child with sugar or honey in the first 6 months.
  • Chamomile flowers: Many people do not know about chamomile flowers and their benefits that make them a treasure in every mother's kitchen. If your child suffers from severe colic, stomach cramps or constipation, you should give him chamomile flowers, which have also proven effective in treating chest allergy, and helping the child to sleep without trouble. .
  •  Peppermint: It is one of the most important soothing drinks that help you maintain a deep sleep for your child, without resorting to colic and cough medications. Peppermint also helps in treating stomach problems and severe dehydration for children.