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What are the causes and methods of treating glossitis?

Tongue inflammation is one of the most prominent of these problems that many people are exposed to, and there is still no scientific reason for this inflammation, but some bad habits help the emergence of this inflammation; in most individuals, inflammation of the tongue after eating excessively hot foods and drinks and these basic elements That contributes to exacerbation of tongue inflammation, and tongue inflammation is a slight swelling of the tongue and the development of pimples that make it difficult for you to eat and can spread to the lips or any other area of ​​the mouth, and we will present through our article the most important reasons and appropriate treatments.

Causes of glossitis:

  1. Practicing some bad habits: for example, many people make some tongue, which exposes them to inflammation.
  2.  Infection with one of the microbes: As many of the microbes that are transmitted through a specific infection lead to glossitis, specifically that is caused by bacteria.
  3.  Genetic factors: Many people develop it as they carry genes that cause this type of infection.
  4.  Hormonal changes: Hormonal disorders that afflict many mouth glands may lead to glossitis.
  5.  Weak immune system: This includes the inability of the immune system to fight the causes of inflammation, such as microbes, or even burns and wounds on the skin.
  6.  Eat some foods, particularly those that contain large amounts of spices or spicy foods.
  7. Digestive disorders: such as a stomach or intestinal injury, with one of the diseases or health problems.
  8. The presence of a lack of some nutrients: There are many nutrients that decrease in inflammation of the tongue, the most important of which are minerals, vitamins and acids.

Treating glossitis naturally:

Using toothpaste:
Where there is a group of chemicals in toothpaste specifically for the treatment of tongue inflammation, you can also use toothpaste to scrape the tongue and kill the yeast infections that are likely to cause inflammation of the tongue and bacteria that cause cracking, and toothpaste helps to kill the bacteria that cause tongue inflammation.

Gargle garlic and ginger:
It contains the elements that support the construction of a healthy immune system. Because they have viral anti-bacterial properties that kill bacteria found on the tongue and cause inflammation of the tongue and its cracks. You can also make a solution of water, garlic and ginger together to gargle with it, and by taking five cloves of garlic, to make a paste with them, then add a cup of water to the dough and gargle with it. Twice a day, this dough will help you fight bacteria on the tongue.

Mint leaves :
Peppermint leaves clean the mouth and have a cooling and refreshing effect for the mouth to get rid of tongue inflammation and a feeling of burning in the tongue, and you can take 10 leaves of mint and wash them properly then take an amount of water and put it in a container to add water to it and leave it to boil, and then filter the water After it cools down, you can take this mixture twice a day to treat glossitis.

Drink plenty of fluids:
As it is considered behind many diseases and not staying healthy is dehydration, so the amount of fluid you eat is essential to your health. Proper hydration of the body facilitates the body's production of saliva and thereby preventing dry mouth, and try to consume a sufficient amount of fruit and vegetable juices such as watermelon, cucumber, pineapple, and drink 1-2 cups of coconut water per day or herbal tea or soup.

It is considered one of the best natural herbs for glossitis, as it helps protect sensitive tissues in the mouth and increases taste buds. Therefore, drink 1/2 cup of aloe vera juice daily to treat glossitis or rinse your mouth with aloe vera wash daily and several times throughout the day or Apply aloe vera gel directly to the tongue by using a cotton ball, leaving it for several minutes, then rinsing with cold water. You can repeat this 2-3 times a day.

Fennel seeds :
It is used to stimulate the flow of saliva and has an aromatic flavor that enables you to resist bad breath. Most fennel seeds try several times throughout the day as an easy way to treat stomatitis. . You can also mix fennel seeds with fenugreek seeds in equal proportions and grind them thoroughly, then add a little salt and eat 1 tablespoon of this mixture every day after each meal.

Baking soda :
As baking soda reduces inflammation and pain, moreover, it works as a wonderful antibacterial, thereby effectively preventing the occurrence of tongue inflammation, and a small amount of baking soda is mixed in water to form a paste and then applying this paste to the tongue to obtain relief from this problem.
Use of salt solution:
As it is considered a natural anti-inflammatory material that provides natural relief from the pain and infections caused by tongue inflammation, it also prevents the growth of microorganisms and thus protects against the risk of infection, and preparing a salt solution by mixing it with water and using it to rinse the mouth several times a day.

Keep the tongue clean:
As the teeth are brushed, you can also clean the tongue, by using a tongue scraper or by using a toothbrush. Work to spray a little salt on the tongue, then rub it with a brush with fine hair to get rid of the bacteria accumulating on the tongue. You can use many tongue scrapers found in stores, but you should pay attention that the abrasive damages the tongue bumps and bleeding.

Honey :
As honey is a conditioner that is very effective in calming inflammation of the tongue, it has anti-microbial and anti-infective properties. Honey helps you recover from a sore tongue, and try applying honey directly to the tongue so that you can repeat the treatment several times, depending on what you prefer.