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What are the best oils to keep baby's skin soft

Children's skin is the softest skin found on the surface of the earth, and there is no need to buy baby oil from famous expensive cosmetic products that he recently said has not become as good as before and has substances that harm our children's skin. Did you know that medium-priced natural oils have a good benefit for your child's skin, as you definitely do not want to expose your child's skin to the chemicals and toxins found in children's skin care products, and to keep your child's skin glowing, smooth, and well-nourished, you can depend here on the oils Natural, and all you need to know is the best oil for your child's skin.

 Best baby skin oil
 olive oil:
As olive oil is widely used in infant massage, it increases the permeability of the skin and makes the skin of the infant fresh, olive oil contains polyphenols that help build strong cell walls, also increases the elasticity of arterial walls, and at the same time protects from Various heart diseases, olive oil contains anti-oxidant properties that slow down the signs of aging, and therefore it is mainly used in cosmetics, and therefore it makes the child's skin healthy and shiny, and olive oil makes the skin permeable, thus protecting the skin from dehydration or cracking

Almond oil:
Almond oil is an excellent choice for baby's skin, because it contains vitamin A, D, and E as well as fatty acids and minerals such as zinc, potassium, magnesium and calcium. It also helps the child's skin in repairing dry skin, makes the skin smooth and glowing, and works to smooth and nourish the skin, reduce skin inflammation, and is good in treating eczema and skin sensitivity, and strengthens the child's muscles, and is considered good in the blood circulation, and when putting oil On the head, it nourishes the baby's hair and removes dandruff, it also helps in building bones, and nourishes the nervous system and enhances immunity, and you can use it to keep your child's skin from diaper inflammation common with a few drops that you massage the nappy area at least two days a week will work as a buffer strong .

Sun flower oil:
Sunflower oil is classified as a carrier oil, and it is considered one of the popular oils that are frequently used, and is rich in linoleic acid, and is suitable for children with sensitive skin, or children exposed to eczema, and according to some studies it was found that sunflower oil improves the level of skin moisture compared to olive oil It is one of the most recommended oils to use for children, and away from its nutritional benefits, it is very useful and good for children, as it nourishes the skin of the child, and helps reduce skin infections, it is rich in vitamin E and works as an anti-toxin and also helps in cell regeneration , And cures traction It quickly and gives a healthy skin freshness.

Vegetable oil:
As the percentage of unsaturated fats in vegetable oils increases, and the percentage of linoleic acid, which is a type of fatty acid that protects the sensitive skin of the child, protects them by forming a protective barrier for them, vegetable oils are suitable for the skin of children, but it must be noted that not all vegetable oils are rich in linoleic acid And, it is preferable to adopt high vegetable oils with linoleic acid, and stay away from high vegetable oils with oleic acid because it increases the dryness of children's skin.

Grape seed oil:
Grape seed oil is extracted from several different seeds of grape fruits, and it is characterized by giving shine when used and applied to the skin, and it is included in many skin care products, and it can be used for children; for its richness in essential oils, linoleic acid, and oleic, it also contains antioxidants, vitamin E, and compound Resveratrol, which can be applied and used on the outer skin, according to information taken from the book "Principles and practice of plant therapy: modern herbal medicine".

 Castor oil:
Among the benefits of castor oil for the child, it helps in relieving muscle pain, relieves rashes, feeding the gel, relieves skin rashes due to diapers, and helps in treating fungal infections, and castor oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and contains anti-fungal properties.

 Chamomile oil:
Chamomile flower is known for its treatment of insomnia, its benefits for adults, and it can be used for infants, and taking advantage of chamomile oil by adding a few drops of it to the warm bath water, many of its users have praised its calming effect on children, and every mother wants to calm her baby and help in a quiet sleep without waking up to Screaming at night, we recommend massaging the child's back or abdomen with two drops of chamomile oil, as it works as a wonderful and natural sedative and helps to relax the muscles and the child, which makes him enjoy a very comfortable night's sleep. You can also use this method after the baby's warm bath will have a more effective effect.