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What are the benefits of sparkling water for the body?

Sparkling water is a drink made up of water to which carbon dioxide is added under pressure, also called carbonated water, carbonated water, or soda water, and there are sparkling water types that differ according to the additives added to it, as some sparkling water contains On ingredients such as sodium, citric acid, different flavors, sugar, and soda water are considered slightly acidic, where the pH or the so-called pH ranges between 3-4 degrees, and when drinking sparkling water, carbon oxide and water interact chemically to produce carbonic acid , and he A weak flash stimulates the nerve receptors in the mouth, causing a stinging sensation that may be both annoying and enjoyable, and you can get many benefits from the effervescent water that is not found in regular water such as improving the digestive system, feeling full, and thus losing weight also, and Also, take a set of precautions when consuming the sparkling water, taking into account all these matters, which we will present to you through our article:

Benefits of sparkling water:
Moisturizing the body:
Where sparkling water helps to moisturize the body well and it has the same effect as regular water, and some may see that sparkling water is a diuretic and can lead to dehydration of the body, but this is not true especially when you consume moderate amounts of sparkling water, and research reminds Drinks that contain caffeine can cause dehydration, at the same time when you consume more than 500 milligrams of caffeine daily without fear of any side effects, and drinking about 64 ounces of sparkling water daily helps you meet your daily needs for body hydration.

Relieve stomach upset:
Sparkling drinks help relieve stomach problems such as nausea and indigestion, and in a study conducted on people who drank sparkling water, they found that those who drank sparkling water experienced a significant decrease in indigestion problems, and many individuals relied on sparkling drinks and caffeine-free drinks to reduce Nausea.

It works to treat constipation:
If you suffer from constipation, this means that you have less than three bowel movements per week, and when you suffer from constipation you may also experience gas, bloating, and painful movements of the intestine, and research has proven that one of the benefits of sparkling water is that it helps to treat constipation compared to those people who They take regular water.

Reducing blood pressure:
Where sparkling water contains magnesium that lowers blood pressure, and there are some brands of sparkling bottled water that contain high levels of calcium and magnesium, and they contain four times the amounts of magnesium and calcium in regular water, and if you suffer from a decrease Blood pressure and low levels of magnesium in the blood can benefit from consuming sparkling water.

Bone strengthening
As the sparkling water contains a percentage of calcium, this percentage may vary according to each brand. Each liter contains 348 mg calcium, which constitutes about 44% of the daily value of calcium that the body needs. Calcium works to enhance bone health and increase muscle elasticity, including It includes heart muscles, and when you follow a balanced diet and eat sparkling water, it helps you to achieve a better level of health.

Add magnesium to your diet:
As magnesium is one of the minerals that plays an important role in biological functions including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve functions and the regulation of the level of sugar in the blood and all these matters are essential to regulating energy production, especially since many people do not get enough magnesium in their diets. According to an article in the American Nutrition Journal I found that sparkling water is a good source of magnesium and free of calories. One liter of sparkling water contains 108 mg of magnesium per liter, which is 29% of the daily value needed by the body.

It works to lose weight:
As sparkling water contains a low percentage of calories and fat so you can use sparkling water as a good alternative to carbonated water when trying to lose weight, especially since it is advised to produce juices that contain a high percentage of sugars, as sparkling water is a good option to lose weight and also increase the feeling of moisture the body .

Low cholesterol level:
Where bad cholesterol is one of the main factors that lead to problems and diseases of the heart and those who drink sparkling water regularly helped them reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in addition to the magnesium and calcium present in the sparkling water helps in strengthening heart functions.

It improves muscle performance:
M = where the sparkling water contains magnesium, and it is one of the main elements that improve the functions of the muscles, as the magnesium that helps in achieving muscle relaxation reduces muscle pain and spasms that can result from magnesium deficiency.