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Ways to preserve and lengthen nails:

Considering nails is the biggest effect in showing the beauty of the hands and highlighting the femininity of the woman, so the woman must pay attention to the beauty of her hands and nails and preserve them in order to appear at the best of the scene, and to obtain beautiful nails, the woman must not neglect her nails and maintain her cleanliness and health so that she does not experience some problems such as Fracture, weakness, and the appearance of some spots on it, and many women seek to lengthen their nails until they look prettier, so we chose during this article for some methods and recipes that work to lengthen nails quickly at home.

Ways to lengthen your nails:

You should chill your nails in one direction:
As it is when you cool your nails, do not do this by moving the cooler over your fingernails back and forth, because this movement increases the chance of a nail breaking, so you must move the cooler in one direction only, and when you are cold take the coolant and move it in a certain direction in your fingernail and when Reach its end, lift it from your fingernail, then return to the starting point and move in the same direction again.

Do not make your nails tools:
As it is considered one of the reasons that lead to breaking the nails is to make them as tools and use them to do certain things instead of using specific tools that were specially made to do these things and that did not make your fingernail for them, for example when you open one of the soft drink cans this will hurt your nails in a way Large, so if you want to keep your nails, you should avoid using them as tools and use custom tools instead of them.

Minimize exposing your nails to water:
There are some things that you should do when you care about the house, but the problem is that it may expose your nails to the risk of breakage as a result of your frequent contact with water or cleaning materials that contain chemicals, for this reason we advise you to wear gloves while doing housekeeping such as washing dishes, or Cleaning and others.

Let your nails breathe:
If your nails complain of weakness and breakage, and you are one of the girls who frequently apply paint to them, or use any other nail product then we advise you to try to reduce this because the best solution to the problem of weak nails is to leave them breathing for some time, so leave them without putting anything It for a week, or a month, depending on the damage to your nails; and when your nails breathe a little, they will help to treat themselves by themselves, preferably during the period that you will leave the nails in which you breathe, to polish them and cool them in the appropriate way so that you keep their shape neat and beautiful, as well It would be very good if you put a few drops Get olive oil on them and massage them, as this will support their strength and give them a beautiful shine.

Sculpt your nails in an oval shape:
And it is done by starting the nails to grow and become long in a way that you can cool them in, then we advise you to cool them in a way that makes their end in an oval shape and not a square, because when the end of the nails is square it will be at greater risk of breaking than if the end is oval.

Home recipes to strengthen and lengthen nails:
Where there are a lot of ingredients that you will find in your home working to help you in the task of strengthening your nails and feeding them in order to challenge their frog and break them, which works to grow them better, namely:

Olive oil with lemon:
Where olive oil is known since ancient times for its importance and health and aesthetic benefits, and also contains vitamin E and vitamin K, in a great way it helps to strengthen your nails, and moisturize them, because it contains properties that make it anti-bacteria and fungi, it helps protect your nails from problems that may be exposed For her, in addition to this, you can put olive oil on the nail polish in order to dry faster, as it is useful in adding a beautiful shine to the nails, while for lemon it helps to whiten the nails that are yellow and dull, and also helps to strengthen your nails because of It contains large quantities of vitamin C.

Garlic recipe:
Urge you must have a good stock of iodine in your body, because it is a very important component in the growth of every part of your body, including your nails, but the iodine is associated with selenium. Your nails come in. And here comes the role of garlic, as it contains a large amount of selenium inside it, and it also contains properties that make it anti-bacterial and fungi, which helps protect your nails from infections, so it will be useful to use it for your nails, and it is done through Peel the garlic, then cut it into halves, and scrub your nails with garlic, then leave it on Here for a full hour, and rinse your nails with water, repeat this recipe twice every week and keep high for a month; until you have a strong and long fingernails.