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Types and causes of hearing impairment and herbal remedies

Many people suffer from hearing impairment problems, and the occurrence of hearing impairment causes many factors, including genetic causes, or infection with a specific disease, or exposure to trauma, or because of age, and the severity of the hearing loss ranges between mild hearing loss and deep deafness, and in The truth is that hearing impairment may affect a person's ability to speak, especially if the child is born with this condition, and in fact it can be used in several ways that amplify the sound and enable the patient to hear it, and it should be noted that the cochlear implant does not restore hearing to its normal state However, it is considered an aid Strong hearing, and there are some natural remedies that will help you in treating hearing loss.

Types of hearing loss and hearing loss:

Neural hearing loss: It occurs due to the presence of damage to the inner ear nerves or the nerves that carry sound from the hearing area to the brain, and nervous hearing loss may be due to injuries, tumors, infections, some medications, exposure to excessive noise.

Conductive hearing loss: It occurs because the sound waves that are transmitted to the nerves involved in the hearing process are cut off. While nerve hearing loss affects both ears, conductive hearing loss may affect only one ear. Common causes behind it include ear infections, earwax, ear psychological trauma such as the occurrence of perforation of the eardrum and other diseases affecting the ear canal Or the middle ear bones. Unlike nerve hearing loss, this type of loss can be treated and hearing restored again.

Mixed hearing loss: It occurs when hearing loss is lost in old age or is subjected to a severe noise shock that leads to ear infections and a combination of neural hearing loss and conductive hearing loss occurs.

Symptoms of hearing loss:

  1. Difficulty hearing speech and sounds.
  2. Difficulty understanding words, especially when you are in a noise or crowd.
  3. Having trouble hearing the consonants.
  4. Increase the volume of the TV or radio.
  5. Withdraw from the talks.
  6. Avoid being in social circles.

Lack of attention, late speech or speech problems.

Reasons for hearing loss and hearing loss:
  • Damage to the inner ear: This may happen as a result of aging, exposure to loud noises, damage to nerve cell capillaries, and it cannot transmit nerve signals efficiently.
  • Genetic factors: It is one of the reasons behind the occurrence of hearing loss and is known as a permanent hearing loss condition.
  • Accumulation of wax in the ear: It can lead to a set of problems such as blocking the ear canal and preventing the conduction of sound waves. You can restore this with the removal of ear wax.
  • Ear infections, abnormal bone growths, or tumors in the outer or middle ear, all of which can lead to hearing loss.
  • Aging: With age, a change in the structure of the inner ear leads to allergies and over time, hearing loss.
  • Loud noise: When exposed to a prolonged period of loud noise, it causes damage to the inner ear cells, and when exposed to noise from firearms or the increased sound level of music in weddings or motorcycles, it affects the hearing loss.

Hearing protection and treatment methods:

Do not ignore earwax:
As it could lead to clogged ears and temporary hearing loss, according to a study conducted at the American Academy of Otolaryngology in 2009 that “there are about 12 million people going to the doctor’s office every year to remove earwax.” Therefore, try to clean the ear from wax every Period and care must be taken not to reach the water while showering to the ear and wiping the ear continuously in order not to accumulate.

Beware of the noise of daily life:
Dr. Peter Roland, Professor and Head of the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Texas, says that the noise limit should not exceed about 85 decibels, which is the normal level for the sound of hair dryers, mixers, coffee grinders, and the equipment we use daily does not exceed this limit so as not to damage the hearing sense, To reduce the impact of these devices over time on the ear, you can wear earplugs when using a hair dryer, mixers, and grinders. And reduce the exposure to noise daily.

Preparing the ear when in a noisy environment:
Since unintended exposure to loud noise can lead to harmful effects. According to Dr. Andrew Cheng, ENT specialist at Lennox Hill and Laryngeal Hospital at New York Medical University that being in concerts, fireworks, sporting events is an inappropriate atmosphere for most people so as not to lead to possible damage to the hearing nerve .. and to prevent the occurrence of That is, you can wear earplugs when going to these places.

Follow up on health problems that increase your risk of hearing loss:
Some people who suffer from various health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and other chronic diseases have a higher risk of hearing loss, and Dr. Robert Satloff, professor and head of the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Driskill College of Medicine in Philadelphia, states that "I must be controlled Various diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, help you to maintain ear function. "

Protection from allergies:
Where colds, sinus infections, allergies can cause a temporary loss of hearing, and the nerve tube enlarged responsible for regulating ear function and when frequent cold situations lead to fluid build-up that leads to temporary loss of hearing, often the average adult has common Cold is that it lasts for 10 days a week and if it lasts longer with other symptoms such as a runny nose, you should consult a doctor. To take the necessary measures to protect you from allergies.

Treating hearing loss with natural herbs:

  1.  Almond oil: We put in each ear three points of bitter almond oil, in order to remove the resin from them, and to treat impaired hearing.
  2. Onion juice: We put three drops of onion juice in the ear twice daily, to dissolve the glucose accumulated, and remove it from it, as it strengthens the ability to hear.
  3.  Beeswax and frankincense: by chewing frankincense or beeswax until the hearing channels open, thereby treating impaired hearing capacity.
  4.  Radish juice: We put two drops of this juice twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, in order to treat hearing impairment.
  5. White Pepper, Honey, and Anzarut: By mixing half a cup of honey with a teaspoon of Anzarut powder and a teaspoon of white pepper, then put two drops of this mixture in the ear, then close it with a piece of cotton moistened with alcohol once per day.
  6.  Lemon and Cabbage: Mix a certain amount of cabbage juice with an equal amount of lemon juice, then put two drops of this mixture in the ear daily.
  7.  Sesame oil: Drip two drops of this oil, provided it is lukewarm once a day.