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Treating flatulence in natural wa

Flatulence of the stomach and abdomen is the health condition in which a person feels that his stomach is full and tight, and in which the stomach or intestine is in a state of expansion and filled with gases that may come out through the anus, as the swelling is accompanied by belching, and pain in the upper abdomen area where there is swelling in the abdomen Stomach, but if the swelling is accompanied by gases and problems in the output, then the swelling is a swelling in the colon and it occurs at any time, whereas the swelling of the stomach is usually after eating, and you are often looking for useful and effective ways to help you in treating the stomach swelling that you feel from time to time Especially after eating For food sometimes, no doubt that the swelling is a painful condition but can be easily treated in ways that can be followed and applied at home through these instructions that use natural means to Asaavk.

Methods of treating flatulence
Control your diet and follow the Foodmap system:
Since if you suffer from chronic bloating, this means that the time has come to make a comprehensive change in your diet, and Australian researchers at Monash University have developed a nutrition strategy to get rid of some of the carbohydrates called foodmap, which includes fermented mono, binary, numerous and complex sugars. The thing is, but these carbohydrates are found in all daily products that contain lactose, fructose, galactose and alcoholic sugars. Vodabab attracts extra fluids inside the digestive system that can cause bloating and other problems in the digestive system.

Tea and mint drink:
It is a popular herb to facilitate digestive processes because it contains active ingredients such as menthol and menton, which have anti-spasmolytic properties and are beneficial to the digestive system, and mint stimulates the secretion of gastric and yellow juices to help flush out gases, making it an ideal way to overcome bloating quickly, as it is considered one of the studies published in the magazine. British Medical found that peppermint oil is more effective in treating irritable bowel syndrome than all of the anti-spasmolytic drugs or a diet rich in fiber, the next time if you feel signs of swelling, immediately drink a cup of tea and mint.

Artichoke leaf plant:
If you have bloating because you suffer from irritable bowel, the artichoke leaves have proven to be an effective natural remedy because it stimulates the production of bile from the gallbladder, and this helps to break down fats in food, which helps overcome bloating caused by excessive eating, and is considered one of the German studies on 203 A patient was found to have reduced stomach gas filling by 70% and abdominal pain by 70%, and another study in the United Kingdom in 2004 found that Irritable Bowel Syndrome patients reported that symptoms of bloating had decreased by 41% two months after eating artichoke leaves.

Turmeric and cooking with it:
Turmeric strength, which quickly reduces the symptoms of bloating, contributes to the active component of lipid and anti-oxidant, curcumin, which is given to the vital turmeric and its orange-yellow color. In a study that included 440 patients with digestive problems, those who consumed the curcumin daily improved 67%. From abdominal pain, bloating, pressure, and a feeling of fullness, turmeric also contains many other therapeutic properties, as it is believed to be effective in fighting cancer, you can take turmeric as a dietary supplement, and that the best way to introduce turmeric in your daily meals is simply to add spices to i Your year.

Reducing salt intake:
French fries may be tempting, but sodium causes fluid retention and is one of the most important causes of bloating. This is because sodium affects the kidneys ’ability to rid the body of fluids and waste. On the whole, the body needs approximately 1300 to 1500 milligrams of sodium daily, while the average person consumes North America daily may reach 7000 mg the next time when you feel bloated, stay away from food containing salts or sodium.

Eat more potassium:
As eating potassium is a successful remedy for bloating, as potassium helps the kidneys to flow and exit salts and helps the body maintain fluid balance in the body, bananas, leafy vegetables, legumes and avocados are excellent sources of potassium.

Drink water and lemon:
Water and lemon represent an effective remedy for bloating because lemon juice is a natural diuretic and sometimes the body keeps excess water when a lot of sodium is consumed, as it is believed that it dries water from the body (these are hidden methods of how to bring dehydration to your body) and fighting this by expelling liquids with lots of Water to relieve flatulence.