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The most important causes and methods of treatment for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a common disease in the world, especially in the Middle East and Africa. By reference to a statistic conducted in Jordan in 2008, it is estimated that there are the equivalent of 1008 fracture injuries in the pelvic region that occur during one year, and by 2050 it is estimated that the rate of infection may increase To fourfold, and the World Health Organization has defined osteoporosis as a disease that causes a decrease in bone mass and the tiny tissues that make up it, leading to weak and fragile bones, thereby increasing the chance of exposure to fractures, osteoporosis occurs when there is an imbalance between the formation of new bone and re-absorption Old bone E, and this results in the body failing to form new bones, and there are two essential minerals for normal bone formation, which are calcium and phosphate.

Symptoms of osteoporosis:

  1. The occurrence of back pain that occurs with the least injury or a fracture of the vertebrae.
  2.  Height loss over time.
  3. The appearance of curvature in the back.
  4.  Bone fracture occurs much more easily than you expect.

Causes of osteoporosis:

There are many causes for osteoporosis, and there is a set of detailed information about the causes of osteoporosis:
  • Genetics: When a family member has osteoporosis, you are more likely to develop osteoporosis, especially if one of the parents or siblings becomes more dangerous to you.
  •   Inactivity: Individuals who spend a long time on the bed without moving, become unable to lift weight or exercise or simply do not exercise regularly, make you more vulnerable to osteoporosis, and when walking, jogging, dancing, or aerobic exercise, you can Weight lifting helps to strengthen bones and muscles and thus prevent osteoporosis.
  • Poor nutrition: a bad diet lacks calcium and vitamin D This is sufficient reason to make it difficult for the body to form strong bones but rather lose bone tissue which results in later osteoporosis, and try to speak with the doctor about increasing the amount of calcium and vitamin D through benefit With nutritional supplements.
  • Bone fracture: If you have had a broken bone since time ago, you become able to develop osteoporosis because the broken bone reduces the mineral content in the bone.
  • Reduced body weight: When the body begins to lose excess weight heavily, the bone mass becomes less. Therefore, when losing weight, you need to be careful about bone health.
  •  Anorexia nervosa: Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder in which it suffers from severe loss of appetite for food and results in the loss of large amounts of weight, losing an amount of calcium and vitamin C.
  •  Excessive exercise of exercise: Exercise is vital to increase bone mass, but excessive exercise, especially in childhood and adolescence, can have negative effects on bone mass.
  • Arthritis: As it is one of the inflammatory diseases that affect many people, it is rheumatoid arthritis, which affects the tissues and organs, and it mainly attacks the elbows and knees.

Osteoporosis treatment methods:

There are many natural treatments that help you prevent osteoporosis:
As vinegar is one of the best ways to ensure that the bones remain strong because it increases the amount of minerals, especially calcium, which is one of the elements that the body constantly needs to regenerate, especially with age, and vinegar has been associated with high levels of calcium and increase the efficiency of calcium absorption from other foods that we eat .

Tofu: It is one of the most interesting foods for treating osteoporosis because it contains a high percentage of plant estrogen. These compounds are what the body needs, especially postmenopausal women, to maintain the natural hormonal balance and can also help increase bone density in women who are more susceptible to osteoporosis.

Where salmon contains calcium and vitamin D, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, which are useful in protecting against osteoporosis, and if you want to stay away from osteoporosis, try adding salmon to your diet.

It is considered one of the best sources of calcium. You can add fresh spinach to your weekly salad bowl to ensure that minerals flow into the blood and promote bone health.

the milk :
It is one of the most famous nutrients to help build strong bones because the calcium in milk is an effective way to increase bone strength. When consuming one cup of milk, the body supplies a quarter of the recommended amount of calcium.

pineapple juice :
It is one of the best fruits that gives the best results when it comes to osteoporosis, which is linked to a deficiency of manganese, as it ensures that you get a high level of this mineral and thus prevent bone deterioration.

Calcium supplements:
Where you can find calcium supplements from health stores, which is the direct way to ensure access to calcium and a healthy amount of calcium in the body to prevent osteoporosis. But avoid excessive calcium that leads to other problems, including calcium deposits in the bones that lead to joint disease.

Reducing the consumption of soft drinks:
This is due to the high level of caffeine and phosphorous in it, and there are some researchers who linked the relationship of soft drinks to osteoporosis indirectly, and indicated that eating these drinks drives them to reduce the intake of milk products, and this increases the risk of suffering from osteoporosis, and limiting the consumption of drinks that contain caffeine, For example, tea and coffee, because caffeine limits the absorption of calcium, which increases the chance of suffering from weak bones.

Doing exercises regularly:
Where some studies indicate that the practice of some types of exercise may increase bone density, and among the exercises that are recommended to be practiced in general: walking, and carrying weights, and that is by following the instructions of the specialist doctor and his supervision, and to ensure eating large quantities of vegetables and fruits. Eat low-fat dairy products fortified with vitamin D to help them strengthen bones, and limit eating foods that contain large amounts of sodium, to cause sodium to lose calcium from the body and thus weak bones.