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Signs that your child is very talented

Talent is a blessing from God Almighty’s grace to man, which may be physical or mental, and in this world a very large number of children are born and have inherent innate talent, but unfortunately we find most parents do not pay attention to these talents so they do not give them their right of care and attention, so the child grows up His talent fades little by little until there is no, and there are qualities that the gifted child enjoys if the parents recognize them, it will help them a lot to discover the talents of their children, and therefore their help in developing those talents and use them in the good and benefit of the nation, there are many parents and mothers love that their child is talented , Wa Gifted child genius is something rare, and but if you're one of those parents lucky ones who have a child with intelligence is unusual and extraordinary skills you probably will determine a lot of special childhood features child, now you attributes and child genius signs:

Qualities of a gifted child:
Early development and strong memory:
A talented child learns to walk, speak, speak, read, etc. early in comparison to his peers, and it may also appear muscular skills, so if your child tries to jump out of bed when he is still young, do not be surprised, and these children have unusual and distinctive memories, They can remember where they put their favorite game and retrieve it, or they may remember them knowing that their favorite food comes out of the fridge and they point to the fridge when they are hungry.

learn language:
Gifted children learn to speak early, because they have an enthusiasm to learn the language, and also show great interest in books and listening to stories, and in the 14th month the gifted child can speak a two-word sentence without any problem, and at the 18th month, they can express themselves Through simple language.

Problem Solving:
One of the attributes of a gifted child is that he can solve problems, and you can learn this by solving a puzzle (puzzle) and you will find him learning how to solve it on his own, and the child may find himself involved in a problem and will use everything around him to overcome the problem, for example he may want to climb To a high place, you can use the books in the library and climb onto it.
Curious child:
Gifted children are characterized by being curious children about everything, and if you find games disassembled and scattered, you know who did that and why, and you do not expect children to play games as soon as they buy them, and they want to explore the game first and how they collected and then start playing and enjoying it.

 High focus:
Gifted children can focus on things for a long time, and they are interested in many things, such as developing their skill or listening to a song or story, and they show intense focus and insistence on learning during the training stages.

Intense awareness and attention:
The talented child looks at the eyes of the people he loves, and can communicate and recognize these people through their voices and faces. At the same time, he becomes aware of the presence of the stranger, and the child is fully aware of and aware of the environment in which he lives, and he may also notice when you touch his toys or clothes or even when his bed linen changes, and that the gifted child adapts quickly to the new environment and He has no problem adapting and dealing with new situations and strangers.

Sleep a little:
We cannot say that he is sleep deprived, but the genius child does not like sleeping. Curiosity and an active mind makes him awake for long hours, and he is the type who wakes up and feels anxious and upset about any sound or movement while he is asleep, and the child may be upset and confused at bedtime because sleep for him is a boring activity, and this child who Not resting will begin to cry as a way to express sleepiness for him.