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Natural ways to treat back pimples

Acne is generally considered to be one of the troublesome and painful skin problems that may affect people of all ages. However, the most difficult types of acne are those that appear on the back, and because of it the person finds it difficult to sleep, as this slows down the healing process, It is difficult to see acne on the back by the person with it, and this makes it difficult to determine the condition, and it may develop to reach the pimples in the chest, shoulders, arms, legs, and buttocks. The reasons for this acne appear: bacteria, and increased secretion of sebaceous glands, if you are Looking for ways to treat back pills naturally we give you Day group blends really Stviedk in this matter.

Reasons for the appearance of pimples in the back:

Among the most important reasons that cause acne on the back are:
  1. Genetic reasons, as this reason can play a major role in the appearance of pills on the back.
  2. Diet followed: According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there is some evidence that some carbohydrates found in certain foods such as white bread, or potato chips that increase blood sugar levels, can cause acne.
  3. Take some medications where acne is one of the side effects, such as some antidepressants.
  4.  Hormonal changes in certain periods, most notably adolescence, menstruation and pregnancy.
  5. Sweat, especially if sweat is trapped under tight clothing, which makes it worse
  6. Stress may not be a direct cause of acne, but it can help.

Back Pimples Treatment:

Using onion juice to get rid of scars:
As onion juice is an anti-inflammatory and bacterial, because it contains various minerals, it helps to regulate the production of collagen that helps in cellular rejuvenation, and several research has been done to test the effectiveness of onion juice in treating scars. And just as onions It contains silicone gel that treats scars and also gives the best results, and it can be used with many other natural sources of silicon such as cucumber, cabbage, oats, flaxseeds, olives, etc., that makes onion juice really effective in getting rid of scars completely, in addition to Until it is used onion juice in Sanna Commercial gel materials to remove scars, and is done by adding onion juice and cucumber juice to oatmeal or flaxseed to make a coherent dough, put the dough on acne scars in the back, and leave it about 20-30 minutes, then wash it, and repeat it daily to get Best results It may take a few weeks or a month for you to see good results.

 Tomato pulp to get rid of scars:
Where tomatoes are rich in vitamins such as vitamin A, K and C, and vitamin E and some vitamins of vitamin B complex, but in fact all of these vitamins are very beneficial to the skin, and retinol derived from vitamin A is used in many creams commercially available to treat Acne and scars, in addition to anti-oxidants that help in rejuvenating the skin, are used by cutting tomatoes in half and rubbing the scars in the back in each half, and leaving the pulp of tomatoes on the scars for 30 minutes, then wash it with water.
Nutmeg to get rid of scars:
Nutmeg is one of the aromatic spices that are used in cooking purposes and the Chinese use it in treating many diseases, including skin problems, in addition to that it is anti-bacterial and fungi and anti-inflammatory, and honey and nutmeg are also used to reduce scars and reduce swelling And use is by using a spoon of nutmeg powder and a small spoon of honey, put this mixture on the back scars and leave it for 30 minutes, then wash it with water.

Coconut oil to get rid of scars:
Coconut oil contains a series of fatty acids that help in healing wounds in an excellent way by stimulating collagen production. It also contains many nutrients such as vitamin E and vitamin K and capric acid and when applied to scars helps reduce them. .